Johnny Walker Week

Ask any devotee of classic Hindi cinema about their favourite comedian, and chances are they’ll name Badruddin Kazi, better known as Johnny Walker. The legendary Johnny Walker, from being a conductor on a BEST bus, went on to act in over 300 films, playing some of Hindi cinema’s most lovable characters: the tel-maalish-wallah, Abdul Sattar; the pickpocket Master, the hilarious, but with hidden depths, Isa Bhai Suratwala.

So, to celebrate the birth anniversary (on November 11) of Johnny Walker, a special week on Dusted Off. Reviews of Johnny Walker’s films, a listing of some of my favourite Johnny Walker roles, and three special guest posts, written by Johnny Walker’s daughter Tasneem Khan and her son Nabil.

Here is the list of posts that comprised Johnny Walker Week:

Beginning Johnny Walker Week
Madhumati (1958)
Johnny Walker: The Actor
Chhoomantar (1956)
Johnny Walker: The Family Man
Ten Great Johnny Walker Roles
Johnny Walker and Mehmood: An Uncelebrated Friendship

2 thoughts on “Johnny Walker Week

  1. Hi. I just discovered this page as I was researching on Johnny Walker. I am really curious to know what makes Johnny Walker so special to you. Are you a 50s fan? Or just a fan of comedy? I am writing a PhD on Johnny Walker and your blog tells me that there are fans of Johnny Walker out there, even today. This is great! Would love to hear more thoughts on this beloved comic actor of the 50s.


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