Shammi Forever

I am not a die-hard fan of anyone; I don’t put stars (and that includes actors, actresses, singers, whatever) on pedestals and worship them with a fanatical zeal, but Shammi Kapoor (21 October 1931 – 14 August 2011) is the closest I come to an exception. This is the one actor I really, truly, enjoy watching. The person whose films I always turn to when I need cheering up, because his charm, energy, acting skills (not to mention his looks!) are sure to drag me out of the bluest of blues.

So, to celebrate his birthday — and, sadly, to also pay him a tribute two months after his death — I hosted a week-long special of Shammi Kapoor posts on this blog. Here (below a copy of the special blog header for the week) is a chronological list of the posts that formed Shammi Kapoor Week.

An Eye Candy Post to Begin Shammi Kapoor Week

Dil Deke Dekho (1959)
Kashmir ki Kali (1964)
Ten of my favourite Shammi Kapoor roles
Junglee (1961)
Professor (1962)
Ten of my favourite Shammi Kapoor songs

12 thoughts on “Shammi Forever

  1. shammi was the greatest dancer of bollywood its very sad that he was on dyalesis for 9 years and he went away when he had to test in piece shamsher.

      • Thanks…. I have been a GR8 fan of Shammi… right from school days..
        bunking classes at times to be in one of the morning shows…. my Mom used to also not really mind… as she knew all were pure entertainers… for all those fans who have seen Shammi as a dancing rage… have a look at the song… ” Gaame hasti se bas begaana hota'(Md Rafi) from Shammi’s film Valaah kya baat hai… to experience the emotional side as well…its a real gem…… Incidently I am in the senior citizen category myself now…

        • That’s a lovely set of memories! I know that if I’d been around when Shammi was in his prime, I’d probably have bunked school to go watch his movies too. As it was, by the time I was born, he had moved on from playing hero roles. I got to watch Shammi films only on TV, and he has remained my favourite ever since.

          • Thanks for the nod…. When I made a mention about the song to be seen on video in my previous comment… I’d like to add that Shammi was also ahead of the times in fashion signatures… in this number you’d see a fantastic combination of ‘Black & Beige’…. something that is trendy now…Check him out in the song ‘Chupne Wale Saamne Tumsa Nahin Dekha with a black round collar T-Shirt , Check shirt, Jeans rolled up with Converse footwear…… I think this combination is now on the stands at Levis/ Benetton/CP/ Wranglers….. I have been lucky to have seen Dil Deke Dekho,
            Professor, Dil Tera Deewana, Teesri Manzil , Jaanwar, Budtameez, Kashmir ki Kali,Rajkumar…in theatres first day first show….not to mention about the songs… they are still chart toppers… Happy Viewing….

            • Very true! Shammi was much ahead of his times when it came to fashion. He was extremely stylish.

              And I am extremely jealous of you. ;-) I have never seen a Shammi Kapoor film on the big screen. By the time I arrived in a town large enough to have a decent cinema hall, cinema halls were showing only new films.

  2. I would like to add to DustedOff’s comment. You have been fortunate to have watched Shammi movies on the big screen. By the time I arrived in 1977, he was no longer around. In fact, I still do not know why I found him the most endearing among all the other heroes. Perhaps, his mannerisms and personality left their own mark. I remember watching Prince when it came on Doordarshan in 1987 and Rajkumar in 1988 and Kashmir Ki Kali during a special movie screening as a filler during the 1989 General Elections. I liked his sense of mischief and his innocence. However, sometime in 1997, I realised that he remains my favourite actor in Bollywood. I remember waking up on August 14, 2011 and seeing the news websites announcing his death. I consider it silly to weep for someone you’ve never met – but I did that for some time on that day. I would have loved to watch Teesri Manzil on the big screen. It is ironic that no one has ever thought it fit to ensure that a complete version on DVD is available – even 2 years after his death…

    • Yes, I can’t imagine why nobody has bothered to come out with a correct and complete version of Teesri Manzil. But, considering the way people like Friends and Shemaroo tend to butcher films when they produce DVDS or VCDs, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

  3. Shammi Kapoor was like a storm and was called a rebel star in Elvis Presley mood. I have seen only a few films of Shammi and liked his dances. After Shammi some small but strong winds like Jeetendra came in between. What followed next was a Tsunami called Rajesh Khanna. Only Dev Anand was static and survived this storm and tsunami when he gave hits like Jewel Thief, Gambler, Hare Rama Hare Krishna and a blockbuster called Johny Mera Naam in 1970. After all this a new era started with Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh Bachchan is a fan of Shammi Kapoor.

  4. To really appreciate shammi kapoor you have to concentrate on isolated scenes and numbers,many a time he looks an overacting buffoon but taken in flashes of isolated spans,he is a picture of divine gift to mortals of India.

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