Lists I’ve made


People with Books in Hindi Cinema
Ten Unforgettable Scenes from Classic Bollywood
Ten Memorable Food Scenes
Ten Memorable Rain Scenes


Bollywood’s Classic Beauties: Eye Candy
Bollywood’s Classic Hunks: Eye Candy
Double Roles in Hindi Cinema
Great Bollywood Mysteries

Hollywood’s Classic Beauties: Eye Candy
Hollywood’s Classic Hunks: Eye Candy
Johnny Walker Roles
Robert Mitchum: Eye Candy
Robert Mitchum: Quotes
Robert Mitchum Roles
Shammi Kapoor: Eye Candy
Shammi Kapoor Roles
Ten bits of trivia
Ten English-language films for lovers of Hindi cinema
Ten Hindi films you mustn’t watch
Tyrone Power: Eye Candy
Tyrone Power: ‘Powerful’ Films



‘Aaja’ Songs (Songs which begin with the word ‘Aaja’)
Aankhen’ Songs
Answers to the ‘Kaun Aaya’ Question
Around the World in Ten Songs
Background Songs
Bird Songs
Boat Songs
Car Songs
‘Classic Poem’ Songs
Cloud Songs
‘Colours’ Songs
Come Hither Songs
Cross-dressed Women ‘Romancing’ Women in Performances
Credits Songs
Crime and the Hindi film song: Ten examples

Cynical Songs
‘Daaru’ Songs
Dance Party Songs
Devotional Songs
Doctor, Doctor: Ten Songs about Medical Problems
Dream Sequence Songs
Dreamt Songs
Dupatta Songs
English-language songs, not from musicals
Farmer Songs
Female Duets
Festival Songs
Filmi Qawwalis
Food Songs
Funny Songs
Ganga Songs
Ghoda-gaadi Songs
‘Give us a Hug’ Songs
Heroines ‘manaao-ing’ Heroes
Homes and Houses: Ten songs
“I am -” (Introduction) Songs
Impossible Duets
Imprisoned Singer Songs

‘Inspired’ Songs
‘Jaa’ Songs (Songs which begin with the word ‘Jaa’)
Jeep Songs
Jewellery Songs
Kashmir Songs
Khwaab/Sapna Songs
Lockdown Lyrics: Songs for Covid-19 Times
Male Duets
Male Pianist Songs
‘Man Sings, Woman Dances’ Songs 
Monsoon Songs
Moon Songs, Part 1: Songs Addressed to the Moon
Moon Songs, Part 2: Adjectives for the Moon
Moon Songs, Part 3: Comparisons to the Moon
Muhaavra/Lokokti Songs
‘Multiple Version’ Songs – Male/Female Solo Versions
‘Multiple Version’ Songs – One Voice, Two Solo Versions
‘Nazar’ Songs
Non-Romantic Male-Female Duets
‘Not-Naachnewaali’ Gaanewaali: Ten Songs
‘Not-quite-duet’ Songs 
Patriotic Songs
Percussion Instrument Songs
Philosophical Songs
Post-drenchings: Ten Songs
One Voice, Two faces: Ten ‘one-singer-duets’
‘Outspoken Woman’ Songs
Recording Studio Songs
Regional Star, Hindi Also-Ran: Ten Actors, Ten Songs
Romantic Duets
Romantic Love Songs in Ten Moods
Romantic Serenades
Saheli Songs
Songs addressed to Krishna
Songs for all times: Celebrating 100 years of Hindi film music
Songs for our times (Ref. Delhi pogrom, 2020)
Songs from films I haven’t watched
Songs from one-song wonder films
Songs of Nature
Songs of Waiting
Songs Picturized in Famous Gardens
Songs Picturized in Indian Towns and Cities
‘Songs to myself’
Songs sung by actors themselves, or singers appearing onscreen (Guest post)
Songs ‘sung’ by people with disabilities
Snow songs
Spooky Songs
Spring Songs
String Instrument Songs

‘Sung in Transit’ Songs
Swimming Pool Songs
Teachers and Students: Ten of my Favourite Songs
Ten Situations, Two Heroes, Twenty Songs
‘This is my Work’ Songs
‘This is what I Sell’ Songs
Train Songs
Tree Songs
Trios, Quartets and More
Two Songs in One
‘Unusual Singers’ 
Wedding Songs
Wind Instrument Songs
Wind Songs
Woman Pianist Songs
World Heritage Day: Songs picturised at UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Asha Bhonsle
Chitalkar Ramachandra
Geeta Dutt – Duets
Geeta Dutt – Solos

Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar – Ten Solos, Ten Composers – Part 1
Lata Mangeshkar – Ten Solos, Ten Composers – Part 2
Lata Mangeshkar – Ten Solos, Ten Composers – Part 3
Lata Mangeshkar – Ten Solos, Ten Composers – Part 4
Mahendra Kapoor
Manna Dey – Duets
Manna Dey – Solos
Composers sing for themselves: Ten Songs
Mohammad Rafi
Shamshad Begum – Songs in Different Languages

Shamshad Begum – Hindi Solos
Talat Mahmood

Music Directors

C Ramachandra
Hemant Kumar
Madan Mohan
OP Nayyar
SD Burman
Songs by Lesser-Known Composers

Actors and Actresses

Asha Parekh
Bharat Bhushan 
Dev Anand 
– in Ten Moods
Dilip Kumar
Dilip Kumar – in Ten Moods
Johnny Walker
Joy Mukherji
Minoo Mumtaz
Sadhana – Songs in praise of Sadhana
Shammi Kapoor
Shashi Kapoor
Sheila Vaz
Sunil Dutt
Waheeda Rehman

Who’s that lip-synching?


Bharat Vyas
Hasrat Jaipuri
Kaifi Azmi
Majrooh Sultanpuri
Rajendra Krishan
Sahir Ludhianvi
Sahir Ludhianvi – Ten Avatars of a Magician

20 thoughts on “Lists I’ve made

  1. Your site is becoming a terrible addiction for me. Now that you have posted these links to older posts, I am going to be spending countless hours poring through them and one post will lead to another thought and another. There goes my time. What are you doing to me? :-)
    Have started with the first one on the list above. Sigh, the long journey begins with the first step.
    (Seriously, what a fun site)


      • Your blog definitely is addictive. And the lists……even more so. I was thinking of another possible list– Bachpan songs….Heroines remembering their bachpan which is left behind…bachpan O bachpan, ja ja ja mere bachpan, mat ja, mat ja, mat ja mere bachpan nadan and so on. Or Heroines asking their childhood sweethearts not to forget them….Bachpan ke dil bhula na dena.

        I searched the internet to see if someone has done this list. I could not find it. And I thought if you might possibly be interested in doing it. To add to your wonderful collection of lists!!


        • Neelu, thank you so much for commenting!

          And I maintain an offline list consisting of half-made lists, as well as requests for lists. Bachpan sounds like an interesting idea for a list (though I’ll admit I can only right now think of one more song besides the ones you’ve mentioned). Will put your request into my list, and (hopefully) find enough good songs on that theme to make a list sometime. :-)


  2. dusted off…can you help me? Not only do I love your site as it relates to old indian movies but maybe you can help me? I am trying to find three movies and I think you might be my only hope…can I describe the movies to you and maybe if you know them you can help me find them?


  3. Madhu, I am not sure if subject is touched by anyone, ie, famous songs which are not included in movie but available on records. First song which comes into mind is ‘Main Pyar ka Rahi Hoon” from Ek Musafir Ek Hasina. I think there was another famous song in Mughal-e-Azam which was scratched from the movie, and there are more of these type of songs. Please try this theme I am sure we will have a very interesting list.


  4. Thanks a lot Madhu, I finally got the link was looking for, courtesy to you.
    Should a take the liberty for asking you, whether someone tried the theme of what should I call “odd duets” ie, two mainstream singers of the same era singing handful of duets together, like Hemant Kumar-Surriya, Manna Dey-Suman Kalyanpur, Kishore Kumar- Shamshad Begum, I hope you got my point.


    • You’re welcome. And, I’m afraid I don’t understand quite what you mean: there would be no end to the examples of mainstream singers singing duets together. You might want to see AK’s blog (Songs of Yore – it’s on my blog roll) to see if AK has done something like that. AK is more dedicated (and far, far more knowledgeable than I am) when it comes to movie music. If he hasn’t already done a post like that, you could request him – perhaps he’ll be able to understand and oblige!


  5. Songs for all times: Celebrating 100 years of Hindi film music

    Madhu, am trying to open this link, and getting following result


    not sure whether only I am having this issue or link is really removed/blocked.
    If blocked please remove from the list.


  6. Madhuji
    Just surfing list you have made and noticed you have done a triple episode on moon songs, but not a single on Tare/Sitare. There are so many beautiful songs on this theme. Hope you will consider this theme too.


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