In celebration of being 1

November 4, 2008: I succumb to a combination of ennui and an all-encompassing love for old cinema. The result: a blog named Dustedoff.

Yes, Dustedoff today celebrates a year of being in existence. This was inspired largely by the superb Memsaabstory, though I’d decided from the beginning that I’d prattle on equally about Hindi and English cinema. Then, along the way came Bawa, who gifted me a DVD—the unforgettable Bienvenido Mister Marshall!—and made me decide I should perhaps increase the scope of this blog to cinema in other languages as well.

But Memsaab and Bawa aren’t the only ones who’ve made this blog what it is. There are plenty more. Bollyviewer, enthusiastic and ever-encouraging (and unrivalled when it comes to thinking up whacky captions for screen caps!); Harvey, friendly and funny and knowledgeable; Richard, who’s inspired me to finally get hold of a Noorjahan film (Anmol Ghadi, which I’ll be reviewing shortly), and Bollywooddeewana, who brings alive a lot of the films I saw as a teenager…

… and pacifist, ava, DG, Yves, himsingz, Sabrina Mathew, sitaji, Shalini, Beth, The Count, and the many, many others who have, at some point or the other, dropped by to leave a comment on Dustedoff. Thank you to all of you, for sharing a passion with me, for giving me interesting little titbits of information, for making me laugh, and for making me think.

Having said which, I’d better sign off before I burst out crying and short-circuit my laptop.

28 thoughts on “In celebration of being 1

  1. This calls for the champagne! Happy First Birthday Dustedoff. May there be many many more of these.

    I love coming here, not just for the pleasure of reading your thoughtful posts, discovering “new” oldies, chattering away about old favorites, but also for the lively discussions all your thoughtful posts inspire. And, of course, to drool over the hunks that make it to all your posts! :-D

  2. Congratulations on yet another achievement, dustedoff :-)

    I’m glad for the existence of this blog. Reading reviews of films that I had never known about has been very enlightening.
    Hope this carries on and on as long as you can.

    It’s reading your reviews and the style of writing that has motivated me into reading your book (I haven’t got it yet :-(


  3. Thank you, pacifist! In the one year I’ve been blogging, I’ve learnt a lot too – about films that I hadn’t known existed, and about hidden ‘meanings’ to well-loved films, and so much more besides. It’s been an enlightening experience for me too!

  4. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You, dear Dustedoff
    Your blog is fabulous
    And so are you!

    Don’t quit my day job, right?!:-D

  5. So, now I have some spare time on my hand, before i go to my spanish course.

    Dearest, happy birthday!

    I love to visit your blog. First of all because you have such a way with words. And for e.g., one learns what is the english word for saundhi khushboo. ;-)
    I find it great that you write what you liked about the film and what you didn’t. So, though your review are mostly of b/w films, your reviews aren’t black and white.

    And just as you came upon so many “hidden” meanings in the films, so have I as well, while discussing it with you. And it does the heart so good to argue and shout out loud about the injustice in the world or laugh about something and sigh at the beauty of our ‘icons’ (?)!

    Thanks for your blog!

    Adios, guapa!

  6. Shalini: Thank you! And quit your day job if it means you don’t get the time to (a) watch films (b) read blogs like this one. Any job that’s so demanding needs dumping!

    harvey: And back to you! Frankly, I’ve started introspecting about films and trying to think more deeply about them ever since I began blogging. Of course, a lot of the insights I’ve received about films are from readers (remember Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam and that elusive ‘message’?). So, thank you. And hasta la vista!

  7. Congrats!!

    This is a wonderful blog. I discovered so many wonderful films, interesting trivia, and how can I forget — Ted Lyons & His Cubs!!

    Thank you for Dustedoff. And for being so wonderfully gracious and encouraging while I shamelessly copied your top ten idea — after announcing my decision to do so, right here, on your comment section!


  8. Thank you so much! But I must make one clarification: Ted Lyons is Memsaab’s discovery; I’d noticed them but not really paid attention before, but ever since she began ‘keeping count’, I find themselves looking at film bands from the 60’s very carefully indeed! ;-)

    And I’m hoping work pressures ease up so you can get back to your blog too: any more Proustian moments struck? (I hope so!)

  9. Congratulations for the milestone, and also for getting the book published.
    Will look out for the book, actually heard about it from another blog a few months ago.
    I am glad I found this blog, via Ava & Memsaab; really love the writing & the discussions.

  10. Trust me I want to get back to my blog…Bale has done a fabulous job of diverting attention from the fact that the blog hasn’t been updated in months, but I think it is time I give the poor guy a break.

    Will break off the shackles of corporate drudgery and publish a post this week :-)

  11. Samir: Thanks so much – and I hope you enjoy the book!

    Bollywooddeewana: Thank you for that song! I hadn’t heard it for years (though it was fairly popular when I was growing up).

    Sabrina: Yes, much as I love looking at Bale (I often scroll down your page just to look at his photos even though I can see at first glance there’s no new post), I’d love to read something new – you invariably review such interesting films. And have such an amazing insight into them. Am now looking forward eagerly to your next post!

  12. Happy Birthday n congratulations!!!!
    I came across ur blog accidentally today. Was searching for Indrani Mukherjee’s pics in google and landed up reading ur review on Shaadi.
    I love watching old movies myself. It was such a great experience going through your reviews and the discussions (though i cud read only few of them).
    Great job!!!

  13. Archana, thanks a lot – for reading, and for dropping by with congratulations!

    Indrani Mukherjee did look so pretty in Shaadi – also in Haqeeqat. I do wish she’d been given more substantial roles later on too; she got relegated to the background pretty swiftly, playing the distressed wife of a supporting actor in quite a few of her films… sad, for someone who was good to look at and a fairly good actress too. Have you seen Usne kaha tha, by the way? I really liked her in that!

  14. Arggghhh, work is keeping me too occupied these days. Stupid job. A very very happy belated first birthday, Madhu. I’m so glad you finally joined the blogosphere—definitely a the more the merrier kind of thing! You’ve helped ignite a desire to go back to the films of MY childhood too, which has been really nice.


  15. Unfortunately I havent seen many of her movies in lead role. But have seen most of her movies where she has played supporting actor’s distressed wife or actor’s mother. I was seeing the video of Baaharon mera jeevan bhi sawaron from Aakhri Khat on youtube but the video wasnt all that clear. She looked so much like Meena Kumari there, that was the reason I was searching for her pics on google.

  16. In fact, she looks a lot like Meena Kumari in Shaadi as well. I haven’t seen Aakhri Khat, but Memsaab did a very good review of it here, where you can also see some nice stills of Indrani Mukherjee.

  17. thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!you really made my day.
    i read Memsaab’s review on Aakhri Khat. i cud actually feel the emotions just going thru it and looking at the screen caps. someday, i will watch this movie for sure.

  18. Happy Birthday! I love your blog because it’s made me aware of so many great oldies, I always learn something interesting and new when I visit, and you write so well! Here’s to many more years….

  19. Archana: You’re very welcome! :-)

    Ever since I’ve read Memsaab’s review, I’ve wanted even more to see Aakhri Khat – if only I could get hold of a version which has all the songs (the version Memsaab saw didn’t have the song Hai kuchh bhi nahin o my darling). But it’s certainly on my must-see list!

    DG: Thank you for your kind words! You’ve made my day. :-)

  20. Hi Madhulika,

    I discover the wonderful string of your friends wishing your blog a happy birthday, and I too rush to the party (nothing like lights and music to make you raise your head and smile in anticipation!!) and congratulate you on your wonderful blog, one of the dearest among those I like and visit regularly! And this has made me realise that if you’re high up in my Bollywood bookmarks, you haven’t been added on the blog itself! So, this birthday will have served its purpose, as far as I’m concerned.
    Best wishes and love.

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