Two Reviews of The Eighth Guest

My latest book – The Eighth Guest & Other Muzaffar Jang Mysteries (released in August 2011) – has already begun to receive some reviews. Read on for a couple of excerpts.

The first, by film-maker, writer and blogger Batul Mukhtiar:

“… For anyone who is fascinated by Mughal monuments, clothes, way of life, these detective stories are a pleasure to read…

They take the slightly familiar, what we have known through history books, old ruins and old films (not always accurate) and makes it a little more familiar. Yet the details are not overwhelming or romanticized. They remain part of the stories, and this is where Madhulika’s success most lies. She lends a contemporary voice to an old world. You forget the 2000′s for a while and are back in 1656, the time of Shahjahan’s reign with Muzaffar Jang.

Madhulika’s blog has for a while been one of my favorites. I can only wish that she is as prolific with her Muzaffar Jang stories, because they are books which one will pick up again and again, simply, yet competently written and delightful.”

Read the rest of Batul’s review here.

And another review, by Urvashi Bahuguna, in the online magazine Helter Skelter:

“… It’s obvious that Liddle’s book has painstakingly been put together, with attention to historical and aesthetic detail. The world she brings back to life has never failed to fascinate, and Muzaffar Jang’s adventures are just another way to decode the Mughals, i.e., through the trouble they tend to land themselves in…”

Read the rest of the review here.


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