A very quick trivia quiz

No, don’t expect a bunch of questions with a tantalizing prize to be won if you answer them correctly. This is just a teaser for an upcoming post of mine, and consists of just one question.

That being, what do these four songs have in common? (Yes, I know the majority of these are from beyond the time line my blog sticks to, but what they share in common does have something to do with 1970, which is on the cusp and therefore permissible on my blog). What do they have in common, other than that all of these were composed by RD Burman? (Edited to add: yes, all these songs are sung, even if only in part, by Kishore Kumar. But there’s something special that links these four songs of Kishore and RDB together, which is not true of any of their other collaborations).

Yeh kya hua, from Amar Prem:

Aapke kamre mein koi rehta hai, from Yaadon ki Baaraat:

Yeh jawaani hai deewaani, from Jawaani Deewaani:

Pyaar deewaana hota hai, from Kati Patang:

Happy guessing! The answer will be published this coming Saturday.




41 thoughts on “A very quick trivia quiz

  1. Hi Madhu,

    I think “…does have something to do with 1970” is the clue here and yes the Bengali movie Rajkumari was released in 1970. The tunes of the 4 songs mentioned have their roots in the songs from this movie.


  2. I believe there is a Bengali original for all these songs – RD Burman has recycled his own tunes, i wonder if that’s the link?
    Ae ki holo- Ae kya hua
    Bandhagareer- Aapke Kamre
    Ki Je Babhi – Yeh Jawani
    Gun Gun – Pyar Deewana

    I’ve have heard these songs on a LP long time ago. I think another commenter above mentions the name of the movie.


  3. One connection -While singing , It is easy to slip from “Aap ke kamre main ” to ” Pyar diwana hota hai” & vice versa. ( try it !)
    No idea about Bengali film Rajkumari, but many of the Burman tunes were either pre- or post- used in Bengali movies. I have heard several ( even ” Roop Tera Mastaana”, in Kishore’s voice),So , I do not think that is the connection.
    Will have to think about it !


    • That is the connection, actually. And the connection between these four songs – and another one which another reader has suggested – is that they’re all from a single Bengali movie.

      Incidentally, not just RDB, but also several others – especially Salil Chaudhury – recycled tunes from Bangla to Hindi quite a bit. O sajna barka bahaar aayi, Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye, Ganga aaye kahaan se… all have Bengali originals.


      • OK ! I have read somewhere that many musicians released special albums at the time of Pooja & then used these tunes in the Hindi movies.
        BTW , I have watched several Bengali movies of 70’s , one reason being I like to watch Kolkatta of that era . Although being Marathi , my knowledge of Bengali is almost nil but for a good movie with good actors , language is not a problem at all.
        One movie of Uttamkumar is my favourite, where he becomes the driver while pursuing singing career .


        • “I have read somewhere that many musicians released special albums at the time of Pooja & then used these tunes in the Hindi movies.

          Yes, that seems to have been pretty much the case with Salil Chaudhury. Also, from what I can tell, SD Burman – and RDB, of course.

          “One movie of Uttamkumar is my favourite, where he becomes the driver while pursuing singing career .

          Would that be Deya Neya? I haven’t watched it yet (though it’s bookmarked) but I seem to recall reading a review of it which was something like this. I remember the reviewer liking the film a lot too.


  4. I have no idea other than the RD-Kishore factor. If I’d to guess, I would also have guessed at the tunes being recycled. I would have no idea from which film, though. My knowledge of Bengali films is sadly limited.


    • Good guess, Anu! And yes, all these tunes were recycled from the score for one Bengali movie, which I’ll be reviewing this weekend. A pretty good movie too, and with some familiar faces, even to lovers of Hindi cinema rather than Bengali. :-)


  5. A number of readers have cracked the link to the Bengali “Rajkumari”, but there’s another bit of trivia attached to the “bandha dware andhakare/aap ke kamre mein” pair. Their origins can be traced back to the title music from Sujata (1959), which of course had music by Papa Burman.


  6. Hum kya teen-char din ke liye Vienna chale gaye, yahan pe quiz rang reliya manaye jaa rahe hain!

    What a pity, I missed it and a quiz to which I knew the answer and could have contributed to. Doesn’t matter. Next time then.


  7. Just read through the lovely post and comments. All four are so beautiful songs. I would have never guessed it but I love quizzes so may be that’s something for me to keep an eye on for future..


    • Thank you, Ashish! Yes, all four are lovely songs – and the originals are every bit as good. :-)

      I had posted a trivia quiz ages back. Maybe I should do another one sometime – it’s fun.


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