Tyrone Power Week

Tyrone Power, born May 5, 1914, was one of those thoroughly underrated actors who get caught in the ‘pretty face’ trap. Even though he was ridiculously good-looking, Power was capable of some very powerful acting, and perhaps if he’d lived longer (he died of a heart attack when he was just 44 years old), he may well have been recognised as a stalwart actor as well. But, to celebrate his birthday, Dusted Off did a special ‘Tyrone Power Week’: reviews of his films, a list of ten great Power films, and (of course!) a ‘Ty candy’ post. Here’s a complete list of the posts during Tyrone Power week:

Who is this man?
Nightmare Alley (1947)
Witness for the Prosecution (1957)
Ten ‘Powerful’ Films
Blood and Sand (1941)
The Mark of Zorro (1940)
Ty Candy: The Beauty of Tyrone Power

2 thoughts on “Tyrone Power Week

  1. Indeed there is a movement afoot to get Tyrone a postage stamp for his centenary in 2014. If you are interested in taking part in the petition, please contact me at Chandler5710@netscape.net.

    If you would like to just send a postcard or letter recommending him for 2014, write to:

    Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Commitee
    c/o Stamp Development
    U.S. Postal Service
    1735 North Lynn St., Suite 5013
    Arlington VA 22209-6432


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