An Eye Candy Post to Begin Shammi Kapoor Week

Over a year ago, my husband remarked, “You’ve done special weeks on Robert Mitchum and Tyrone Power. You’re also going to be doing one on Johnny Walker. But what about your favourite actor? Don’t you think you should be doing a Shammi Kapoor Week sometime?”

Of course, I said. I just wanted to time it well – in time for Shammiji’s 80th birthday, which would be on October 21st, 2011. That would be quite an occasion, and the right time for me to spend an entire week gushing about my favourite film star.

Back in May this year, I’d figured out what posts I’d feature in this week; what songs would certainly be part of my ‘Shammi Kapoor top ten songs’ list – even what my blog header would look like for those seven days of celebration. I’d intended to e-mail Mr Kapoor a link so that (hopefully) he’d drop by my blog and have a look at all the adulation. Sadly, Shammi Kapoor passed away on August 14th this year, just about two months short of his 80th birthday.

Anyway, here’s to Shammi Kapoor Week. As I mentioned to a friend sometime back, when I’m in the mood for good cinema, for introspection and thought and the appreciation of good filmmaking, I may turn to a Bimal Roy or Guru Dutt film. Pyaasa, Sujata, Parakh, Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam. But sometimes, when I’m too depressed and too exhausted to think, all I want is a film that makes me smile. A film that’s entertaining, fun, undemanding. In other words, a Shammi Kapoor film.

Over the coming week, this blog will be focussing on Shammi Kapoor: reviews of some of his films, some lists, etc. But: to begin with, some Shammi eye candy. Screen shots of him, irresistible grin and melting eyes and all. Enjoy!

To start with, two stills from one of my favourite Shammi Kapoor films, Dil Deke Dekho. This one had me taking screen caps frantically:

Then, from Junglee (1961), made two years after Dil Deke Dekho. Another winner for those who want to ogle:

(I love that broodingly gorgeous look). Here’s another one, also from Junglee, but a different expression:

Then, from Professor (1962):

Kashmir ki Kali:

And a much more melancholy Shammi Kapoor in Boyfriend (1961):

I have a soft spot for Shammi Kapoor in a smart suit (this one’s from Singapore, 1960):

… and in a close-up, from Vallah Kya Baat Hai (1962):

And, to finish, a still from Mujrim (1958):

Hang in there: one new Shammi Kapoor post will be coming up every day of this special week!


45 thoughts on “An Eye Candy Post to Begin Shammi Kapoor Week

  1. That didn’t work either. :-/
    But now I’m really calm and collected. Sorry for spamming like that, but can you blame me?

    This is a real treat DO. Thank you for thinking this up. A week of indulging in all things Shammi!!
    The first picture is absolutely gorgeous..well so are the others.
    Looking forward to all the goodies in store.
    Do I have it right…10 favourite songs?? Mouthwatering!!!!!


    • I don’t call it spamming, pacifist. Just an absolutely normal response. :-)

      And yes, you’re right, as usual, with your guesses. Ten favourite songs is indeed part of the week. Even though I’ve got the post all written out and ready, even I’m looking forward to listening to all those songs again (not to mention drooling over the screen caps!)


  2. Gorgeous photos!
    If you go on likethis I might end up liking his face as well and not only his films! :-)
    Although I am not a big fan of Shammi’s pulchritude, I do like his escapist films and more than that I admire his energy! Wonderful man and entertaining actor!
    AND you are REALLY doing a shammi song list. Wow, hats off to you. He always got so many good songs to mouthand choosing ten out of that is a herculean task!
    Looking forward to a Shammi treat!


    • “…I might end up liking his face as well and not only his films! :-)

      That’s the whole point! His films are wonderfully entertaining, but his face is an absolute stunner too – especially in his earlier films, say till about 1964 or so. Then he started getting pudgy. Still fabulously energetic and entertaining, but pudgy.

      Yes, the Shammi songs post was very difficult. But, like we old ‘song list’ hands know, just putting in some self-imposed rules always helps!


  3. Now I read it properly, you have said “some lists” and I am very curious to know what they would be!

    Beautiful header! Though Shammi didn’t have a penchant for women in white like his elder brother, white is still the colour one associates with Shammi. The snow clad mountains in the background belonged to Shammi’s films like Mohd. Rafi’s songs to his lips!


    • I hadn’t thought of equating Shammi with white – but that’s a great observation, harvey. I hadn’t realised it till now, but a lot of Shammi Kapoor’s best films have him in a mountain region: Kashmir ki Kali, Professor, Junglee, Dil Deke Dekho – even some of the not-so-great films: An Evening in Paris and Laat Sahib, for instance. They were a good backdrop for his antics!

      P.S. The eye candy post is a list of ten, too! But there’s another ‘top ten’ list as well, other than the songs…


  4. I’ve died and gone to Shammi heaven! Madhu, now this was worth waiting for! I’m not going to get *any* work done today, woman! There’s so much Shammi-ness on display. And you’re really going to have a post a day? Mmmm…

    *sorry* Didn’t mean to drool so much. (However, I notice I am not the only one, so it’s not so bad, is it?)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… the week ahead suddenly seems much lighter, more colourful, more, well, energetic!


    • “I’m not going to get *any* work done today, woman!”

      That’s the whole point! And hopefully I’ll cut into your work through the rest of the week, too. ;-)

      Drool all you want. I’m right there, drooling alongside! I don’t often re-read my posts after I’ve published them, but this is one post I’ve had a look at a couple of times.


  5. Uh-oh. Realised I’d waxed eloquent about everything but not mentioned the snaps – didn’t he look absolutely like a spoilt brat in the Junglee screen cap (well, most of Junglee anyway, until he unleashed his inner ‘junglee’)? He looked beyond awesome in Dil Deke Dekho, Tumsa Nahin Dekha, Junglee, and Professor. Oh, and in all the films in between. :)


    • True, he looked really huffy in most of Junglee – especially those scenes where Saira Banu is pulling his leg (those flowers she makes him buy for his sister!). But I still think he looked awesome. Or, beyond awesome, as you put it. :-)

      There are a number of films that I don’t particularly like of Shammi’s heyday – Singapore, Ujala, Boyfriend etc – but which I can watch occasionally, if only for the pleasure of watching him in them.


  6. Thanks Madhu! This is going to be such a treat.
    You are so right. There are days when I need a dose of escapism and that’s when I get my detective novels out or watch a movie with Shammi or Asha. Instant cure for any depressing thoughts!
    Love your screen shots. My favourite Shammi movies are Junglee, Professor and Rajkumar, for his performance, great songs and dreamy looks.
    looking forward to all the lists and all the hot debates that will follow:)
    PS Just got the book yesterday. Thanks for signing it. Will start reading it soon.


    • I’m glad you’ve received the book, Anoushka – and congratulations once again on winning! I hope you enjoy it. :-)

      Junglee and Professor are two of my favourite Shammi Kapoor films too – Rajkumar is good too, but the costumes and those gaudy sets always put me off. But I do agree: all three films are worth seeing even if it’s just for Shammi Kapoor’s utter gorgeousness and for the superb songs. Eye and ear candy!


    • It is my firm belief that no-one needs to come back from a Shammi-Heaven. This week is going to be one of those very special weeks for me, because I’m going to be revisiting its posts very often in the future – if only to gawp at the screen caps!;-)


  7. Awesome header and such killer photos!!! His looks in Dil Deke Dekho is worth dying for. Thank you for such a lovely treat :-)
    Waiting eagerly for the rest of the posts.
    Boyfriend, Singapore, Vallah Kya Baat Hai were not as entertaining as his other movies but he looked gorgeous in all of them. Few movies of Shammi Kapoor that I really had to struggle sitting through were Dil Tera Deewana and Tum Se Achha Kaun Hai. But DDD, Professor, Teesri Manzil, Raj Kumar etc are my all time favourites. I’m yet to see Tumsa Nahin Dekha


    • Yes, the films you listed aren’t that great (another one I didn’t like very much was Preet na Jaane Reet – though I think one reason for that may have been that I like Praveen Choudhary much more than B Saroja Devi). These are the films that are worth seeing only because Shammi Kapoor looks so wonderful.

      (By the way, another film – from Shammi’s last years as a hero – which I’d recommend avoiding is Sachchai. Even though it also stars another of my favourite actors, Sanjeev Kumar, it’s a film I had force myself to finish).

      Oh, and you must see Tumsa Nahin Dekha! It’s loads of fun, Shammi and Ameeta look great, and the songs are out of this world. :-)


  8. He’s simply delectable in Dil deke Dekho. In Junglee I think he’s wearing a bit too much makeup. But regardless, he’s timeless beauty to thirsting eyes!


    • That’s a good idea, since I like Dharmendra a lot too! :-) Next year, maybe – it’s too late to try to time for his birthday this year (a special week uses up a lot of effort, since I start planning and writing up the posts months in advance).


      • Ya of course, will look forward to it whenever you set out to do it-

        Actually I saw Bandini the other day- and was really curious about the early bits of the Dharmendra saga-

        Actually I did order the DVDs for Tumsa Nahin Dekha and Dil Deke Dekho- but haven’t got around to actually watching them (I use an HP mini that doesn’t have a DVD drive!!!)

        So that’s why I am still to be introduced to the charisma of Mr. Shammi Kapoor- will happen sooner than latter I suppose


        • I hope you liked Bandini. Dharmendra’s role was relatively small in that – not equal to his stature in later years – but it was a good one, anyway. Other good Dharmendra films include Anupama and Satyakam (both showcase his acting brilliantly – he said in an interview later that when he didn’t get an award for those two roles, he stopped trying to act). Also Aankhen, Shikar and Tum Haseen Main Jawaan for good old-fashioned suspense-masala entertainment.


  9. I feel a little out of place here, why? Well everyone seems to be a die hard fan of Shammi Kapoor so I guess I am the only exception but there is one film in which I quite liked Shammi Kappor and that was Bhramachari, I noticed he had a way with children. He obviously was fond of kids.


    • Everybody is entitled to their own likes and dislikes! In fact, wouldn’t the world be a terribly boring place if all of us loved and hated the same things/people/whatever?

      I can think of a number of extremely popular actors and actresses whom I have never been able to like except in a couple of roles.


  10. Wow well done for your dedication, you’re definitely the most consistent blogger when it comes to posting, pls how do you do it ;) And I’m yet to discover more of Shammi loads of his films have been waiting to be watched, the only film i’ve seen on here is Junglee and professor though ages ago. I think i have to rewatch, his style would be great for the fashion blog


    • Thanks, bollywoodeewana! All my ‘special weeks’ are planned months in advance – all of these posts were written up and uploaded (though not published, of course) on my blog over the past few weeks – maybe one every two weeks or so. That’s how I manage to get them done. To do a post a day, otherwise, would be simply impossible.

      Yup, Shammi Kapoor would certainly make for some awesome posts on your Bollywood fashion blog. Especially in Junglee or Professor – I think he’s wonderfully dressed in both (oh, and yes – Kashmir ki Kali). I’m hoping you will take the hint! ;-)


  11. For me, its not his facial expression as much as his style, mannerism and behaviour while interacting with other people. I think imho, to capture his hallmark essence, you have to have a female (or any other soul might work also) in the screenshot and his tilting at n degree angle to get closer to the other soul. How can one not like his dancing / prancing all around his chosen flower in his own unique style,


  12. As a kid, watching a Shammi Kapoor movie meant going strait to heaven. The music, the songs, his style and mannerism was enough, did not care much about the plot. Besides, his films were released mainly on special occasions like Christmas, New Year’s day, diwali and bank holidays. He will remain forever UNIQUE.


  13. I love every single on of Shammi’s movies… What a personality. Lovely screencaps… *To die for* :) Been absorbing myself in his movies.. so heavenly.. I miss him so much. Wish I can meet him, in heaven of course dancing!


  14. Three actors, Shammi, Rajendra and Dev SHARE the most number of sings sung by RAFISAAB
    OF THE six filmfares won by him, three were picturised on Rajendra and the fourth one on Shammi…..

    Amazingly, the beautiful ghazal picturised on DEV ANAND never gave rafi Saab a Filmfare despite great music by SD…


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