Some news, some reviews

No, I’m not vegetating somewhere. I am actually working on the fourth book in the Muzaffar Jang series (so, if you like the series, you’ll probably have guessed that the third book is already written). I’m also doing the occasional writing assignment, and some more offbeat but interesting stuff, also connected to Muzaffar Jang.

Later this month, for example, I’ll be speaking at the Crime Fiction ConFest (that’s a combination of ‘conference’ and ‘festival’) being held at St Stephen’s College, Delhi University. I’ll be the key speaker on the last day of the ConFest, and will be talking about historical detective fiction – introducing the subgenre, talking about the challenges of writing good historical detective fiction, and of course suggesting other authors you might want to read if you want to explore this fascinating subgenre further. I’ll be publishing a version of my talk on this site, so look out for that!

Meanwhile, here are links to some more reviews of The Eighth Guest & Other Muzaffar Jang Mysteries:

On Book Weyr:

In Media Voice:

And, on The Hungry Reader, by Vivek Tejuja (who was one of the first people to review The Englishman’s Cameo – he liked that one too!):









4 thoughts on “Some news, some reviews

  1. I think I submitted a comment on the wrong article, sorry! I just wanted to say how happy I was to read that the third Jang book is already done, very much looking forward to it. Also great to learn that he’s coming to Kindle soon. On that, I read recently that Hachette may be the first publisher to offer DRM-free e-books. If so, that’s a sign of a progressive, forward-thinking publisher, which can only be good for you.


  2. Not a problem, Stuart – even if you commented on the wrong article, that’s fine because I got the message and it lit up my morning! :-) Thank you.

    I hadn’t known that either, about Hachette being possibly the first publisher to offer DRM-free e-books. Since they are the world’s second-largest publishing house, I suppose initiatives like these are what have helped keep them ahead of the rest.


  3. Aakash, I’ve just finished reading Suvro Chatterjee’s extremely heartening review of The Englishman’s Cameo. That was certainly the best way to start my week! Thank you so much for sending me the link, and (even more importantly) for having sent him the book. I’m so glad both of you enjoyed it.


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