Ten Songs of Heroines ‘Manaao-ing’ Heroes

If you don’t know what manaana means, be patient. I’m getting around to that.

First, though, an introductory note on this post. This list of hard-found songs (believe me! I’ve spent months coming up with these) is dedicated to extremely supportive and loyal blog reader pacifist.  Pacifist won the Innovative Ideas Award in the Classic Bollywood Quiz I hosted a few months back – because she came up with the innovative idea of having prizes for everyone who participated, film awards style! This one’s for you, pacifist, because you were the one who suggested this list in the first place. And because it caught my fancy immediately.

Now, for those who don’t know Hindi. What does manaana mean? Coaxing or cajoling, and it’s inextricably tied up with roothna – to be huffy. The concept of rootho-ing and being manaao-ed rests on the assumption that the two people in question are already in a relationship (not necessarily romantic). If you’re indignant because you’re being stalked by some unknown roadside Romeo, you can’t be classified as having rootho-ed; you’re simply angry. Interestingly, the roothna-manaana trope also often has an element of farce or mischief in it; the person who’s rootho-ed is more often than not just being a drama queen (or king) than really upset.

Hindi cinema, of course, has countless examples of songs sung by heroes trying to manaao heroines who have rootho-ed. Remember Na rootho rootho na rootho? Or Dekho rootha na karo? Or Aa lag ja gale dilruba? The opposite – heroines manaao-ing rootho-ed heroes – is a good bit rarer. So, here goes: ten songs from (mainly) the 50s and 60s, from films I’ve seen, in which the heroine is the one doing the wheedling, and the hero is the one who’s huffy. Enjoy!

1. Acchhaji main haari chalo maan jaao na (Kaala Paani, 1958): Though this list isn’t in any order, this song is probably my favourite of the heroine-manaao-ing hero category. Our heroine here, Madhubala, is guilty of having suspected the faithfulness of her beloved, played by Dev Anand. She’s realised she was barking up the wrong tree, but it’s too late – he’s very miffed at her. So she sets out to coax him back, and succeeds (how could she not? She looks so ethereal, and her eyes sparkle with affection and mischief!) A delightful song, and brilliantly ‘choreographed’ – even the onlookers (Jankidas, Sundar and Agha) play a part in the picturisation, what with their jogging down the steps, blinking and gaping.

2. Kashmir ki kali hoon main (Junglee, 1961): Okay, I’ll admit I’m cheating a bit on this one, because though
(a) Shammi Kapoor is at his huffy best as the stiff-rumped, frowning businessman
(b) The peppy Saira Banu’s character does sing “Mujhse na rootho babuji” (“Don’t be annoyed at me, sir”)
…she’s really trying her best to get him even more irritated than he already is. But, since it’s a wonderful song (both to listen to and to watch) and she does, after all, plead with him not to rootho – let’s overlook the ulterior motive for a while.

3. O mere Raja khafa na hona (Johnny Mera Naam, 1970): Another not-really-manaao-ing song, though not in the way of Kashmir ki kali hoon main. This one’s a bit complex. Hema Malini’s character is mixed up with the villains. Law-abiding Dev Anand is trying to infiltrate the gang – and part of that ploy has succeeded, because they’ve trusted him enough to have him take charge of an important briefcase that Hema Malini has to hand over.
But, at the rendezvous, they find the place crawling with cops. So, to try and put Jagdish Raj and his men off the scent, they sing a song – a song where Hema Malini pretends to manaao her rootho-ed lover. I love Hema Malini’s stylish look in this song!

4. Jiya o jiya o jiya kuchh bol do (Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai, 1961): Dev Anand again, but this time in a song that’s serious manaao-ing. He’s not just huffy, he’s hurt and angry in his belief that the girl he loves has jilted him. So much so that all of the efforts of his sweetheart (played by Asha Parekh) to woo him back are in vain. He doesn’t stop even when she falls down and hurts her head. Poor girl (he does look back at her from behind a tree trunk, but since she doesn’t see that, it is no consolation to her).

5. Dekho kasam se kasam se (Tumsa Nahin Dekha, 1957): Time for a frothy, peppy song, and one of my favourites for this theme. Shammi Kapoor’s character has just rescued the girl he loves (Ameeta). Though she’s been pretending indifference all this while, she loves him too – and his annoyance at the cavalier treatment she’s been meting out all this while finally melts her. Of course, by now he’s really rootho-ed, so she has to be mischievous, affectionate and pleading to get him to eventually give in. A wonderful song, even to watch.

6. Yeh lo main haari piya hui teri jeet re (Aar Paar, 1954): This one’s probably unique in that it’s set inside a moving car. Our heroine (Shyama) is trying her best to win back her huffy sweetheart (Guru Dutt), who’s a taxi driver. The song (in Geeta Dutt’s voice) is lovely, and Shyama’s blend of pleading, seductiveness and back-to-you-huffiness (as if she’s saying, “Okay, if you can be huffy, so can I”) is enchanting. No wonder poor Guru Dutt has no choice but to capitulate and put an arm around her.

7. Woh hain zara khafa-khafa (Shagird, 1967): Sweet, this one. Saira Banu – a made-over village belle in this film – is faced with an annoyed sweetheart (Joy Mukherji) and sets out to manaao him. She doesn’t apologise, just decides to tease him a bit about this juvenile huffiness of his. The evening is romantic, the garden and the fountains are lovely, her song is lilting… does the poor man stand a chance? No. So he gives in and begins singing, too.

8. Aji rooth kar ab kahaan jaaiyega (Aarzoo, 1965): Another of those faux-roothna songs. This is at a party where Rajendra Kumar makes a pretense of feeling slighted – enough to hand his teacup back to his pretty hostess (and girlfriend – played by Sadhana), and head for the door. He knows it’s a farce; he takes the cup back, even though he’s still saying he’ll leave. And she knows he’s not going anywhere. How could he, when she’s so pretty and has such a wonderful song to sing?
While she may be begging him to stay, she’s also telling him of the inextricable way in which they are bound. He cannot ever leave her.

9. Mere roothe hue balma (Baawre Nain): Not one of my favourite songs (though the film itself had some fantastic songs, by Roshan) – but it certainly meets the criterion for this list. Geeta Bali here is Tara, the orphaned village girl who’s come to the city, and finds happiness in the household of her long-lost sweetheart Chaand (played by Raj Kapoor). But there are evil forces at work, and they conspire to make Chaand jealous of Tara. Tara, therefore, ends up having to manaao Chaand and convince him that he is her true love.

10. O mere sona re sona re sona (Teesri Manzil, 1966): Another of my absolute favourite songs in this genre. The picturisation is first rate; the music (R D Burman), the singing (Asha Bhonsle and Mohammad Rafi); and the actors – Asha Parekh and Shammi Kapoor – couldn’t be improved upon. Our lady here has made the blunder of mistaking her admirer for an unprincipled lecher, only (of course, since he’s the hero) to discover how wrong she was. So it’s payback time, and she’s having to say sorry. And she does it so well, he forgives her soon enough to take over her song. An utter gem, this one.

Any more good ones you can think up?

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  1. Wow, such a good theme!
    In fact I was thinking of doing a similar post too. But I hadn’t even started. I am glad that you did it!
    Thank you pacifist for suggesting this wonderful post!
    Thank you, Madhu for fulfilling pacifist’s wish!
    And now I am going to go and read it! *rubbing hands in glee*

  2. Acchhaji main haari chalo: This is also my most fav roothna-manana (from now on r-m) song. Madhubala and Dev made such a good pair! Love this!
    I don’t like Kashmir ki kali hoon main much. I find it all a bit silly.
    O mere Raja khafa na hona is a good song. Hema looks hip and the wig suits her! Even if it is not a r-m situation, the lyrics do suggest serious r-m going on and the ‘hero’ demanding his pound of flesh for manaoing.
    The female version of jiya o jiya is so sad! I prefer the happy one, but I like this one all the same. I can just imagine this with Shammi in it.
    Love dekho kasam se. It was in the late 70s a fav of the Chaaya Geet program. Find it funny the way it goes ‘ting’ when shehits him on the head. The way Shammis hair waves in the wind, I have to think of jab jab ude zulfein teri.
    I used to sing yeh lo me hari piya (I have lost) as yellow me hari piya (me yellow, my beloved, green)! :-D Shyama looks so beautiful here.
    Woh hai zara is so beautiful. I think it would come right next to acchaji me hari piya in my list of r-m songs. I think this is the fastest r-m process (only 1:30 min) of all the r-m songs!
    Geeta Bali is so cute. Love her facial expressions in mere roothe hue balma. Isn’t it ironical that she should succumb to the same disease which kills her rival in this film.
    O mere sona re is a 24 carat sona!
    Thank you, dear Madhu for this very entertaining post!

    Not a very melodious song but all the same cute, is rootha hai to mana lenge from Jwar Bhata

    • “Find it funny the way it goes ‘ting’ when shehits him on the head.” A throwback to Yoon toh humne laakh haseen dekhe hain? She keeps doing that there – though, actually, I hadn’t noticed it here. Must go back and watch this song all over again!

      LOL about Yellow main hari piya (does that mean their jodi is a sunflower, or something similar? Or an amaltas?) :-)

      Geeta Bali was really cute in Baawre Nain, though I’ve somehow got sick of that gaon-ki-gori depiction in 40s and 50s cinema – not just Geeta Bali, but loads of other actresses too. When I got to the end of the film, I too was thinking how sad it was that Geeta Bali should have died of the same illness that kills off her rival in this one. (Incidentally, every time I saw Geeta Bali and RK in Baawre Nain, I kept thinking, “He’s going to be your jeth in a few years’ time!!”)

      Rootha hai toh manaa lenge is cute, even if it’s not terribly great. :-) The heroine has loads of support here!

    • >I don’t like Kashmir ki kali hoon main much. I find it all a bit silly.

      *Grrrrr >8-I

      >yellow me hari piya (me yellow, my beloved, green)!

  3. A very good song in this genre is Yun rootho na hseena from Need Hamari Khwab Tumhare (1966). Nanda does not seem to be too rootho-ed. Her flimsy pretense seems only meant to get Shashi Kapoor sing this lovely song to her.

    • Ah, but that doesn’t count no, AK? This post is about heroines manaao-ing heroes. Shashi Kapoor trying to manaao Nanda is the usual hero manaao-ing heroine style. But the song is nice.

  4. Some more roothna manana songs

    rootha hua chand hai from Aaram

    tu zara si baat pe khafa na ho from Mr. Lambu

    a sort of consensual r-m song yun to apas me bigadte haifrom Andaz

    • Where do you come up with these songs, harvey? I have seen Andaaz, but I’d completely forgotten about this song. Liked the Mr Lambu one, especially – such a catchy tune! :-)

      • Yes, that’s true… but since it starts off with her being annoyed and him trying to manaao her, I decided that’s how I’d classify it. Actually, in several of these songs, the hero does end up singing at least one verse to signify his maan jaana.

    • Thank you, Karthik!

      I like Mat jaiyo naukariya chhodkeDo Badan was terribly tragic (not a good thing as far as I’m concerned – I like happy films!), but it had some superb songs. This one fits the ‘hero being manaa-oed‘ theme perfectly, I think!

    • It’s a lovely song, all right, even if it doesn’t conform strictly to the roothna-manaana theme. Somehow, I’ve forgotten most of the songs of this films – probably because it’s not one of my favourite films (though it was one of the few that actualy allowed Madhubala to show she was a good actress, not just a gorgeous face).

  5. Okay this is the last comment for tonight
    This one doesn’t fall in your time category but I like it so much that is why I post it.
    sun sun kasam se from Kala Sona

    Would this qualify as well. I haven’t seen this film, but you have. Is Dilip here rootha with Madhubala. I think he is just brooding over his own misdeeds.

  6. Nice theme ! My pick is obviously ‘Achcha Jee Mai Haari’…Its such a fun melodious track, always nice to see & hear this song, Dev Anand & Madhubala in their wittiest best. Dev Anand poker faces, and sweet smiling angel Madhubala…..

  7. Madhu, what a lovely post! (pacifist, thank you for the theme!) Most of these were on my list of roothna-manana only I hadn’t restricted myself to heroines coaxing the heroes. :)

    I would say my top favourite is also Accha ji mein haari chalo (no prizes for guessing that!) simply because she doesn’t look very unhappy about having lost; and Yeh lo main haari piya. Dekh kasam se and Kashmir ki kali hoon main run a close second. Especially the latter, because I absolutely *loved* Saira’s character in the movie.

    Here is one from Aaram; Madhubala manao-fying Dev Anand once again (or before: this was in 1951).

    And of course, its reverse. Dev trying hard to manaofy a glowering Madhubala…

    • Thank you, Anu! I’m glad you liked the post – and yes, I so totally agree with you about Kashmir ki Kali hoon main. I love Saira Banu’s character (now haven’t we heard that somewhere before? On both our blogs! ;-)) – so much sense and spunk.

      Had completely forgotten about that song from Jaali Note.

      P.S. Noticed how Dev Anand and Shammi Kapoor seem to be often being manaao-ed by their heroines?

  8. A very big Thankyou, DO!!! :-)
    I’m very happy with the selection of songs is. The melodious ones are of course, achcha ji main hari, dekho kasam se, and ye lo main har with Saira Asha Parekh songs coming next with their mischievous acts.
    Yeh lo Main hari had completely slipped my mind.

    Here’s Meena Kumari trying to manao an actor I’m not very familiar with. He keeps relenting and then reverting back to his rootha self :-D

    And Mumtaz with a very unwilling Biswajeet in Mere Sanam.

    • You’re very welcome, pacifist! I enjoyed doing this post – thank you for suggesting it! :-)

      I liked the Madhosh song: quintessential ‘heroine manaao-ing hero song. Meena Kumari is so pretty and chirpy. I love the way she keeps teasing him!

      I had thought of including Yeh hai reshmi ki zulfon ka andhera, but then dropped it, because Mumtaz’s character isn’t actually trying to manaao Biswajit’s character, she’s just trying to seduce him – and he isn’t rootho-ed, just not keen on her, since he’s in love with Asha Parekh’s character. For this one, I’d been meaning to include it in another post – a ‘come hither songs’ one. Sometime…

    • I just couldn’t swallow this film, not even when I was younger and more gullible and quicker to forgive flights of fancy. It’s just too unbelievable! But yes, the song fits perfectly. Humsaaya had some more good songs, if I remember correctly. Must go and and check them out…

  9. All the songs here are fab, love them all. The first and the last one are the best, course.

    Here is one song that has roothna-manana in its lyrics, but set as a nightclub dance! Shashikala’s hair is all over the place, and her rootha beloved is absent, unless she means the song as a tribute to Feroze Khan. I guess one would have to watch the movie to find out.

    • Thanks, Ava!

      (By the way, don’t watch Teesra Kaun – I did, while looking for a Kalpana film to review as a tribute to her. It gets pretty incoherent after a while. You’re right about Shashikala’s character singing this as a tribute to Feroze Khan. She’s a dancer, as you can guess – not actually in love with him or anything of the sort)

  10. Wonderful idea for a post, and I love your song selections! My own favorites are Accha ji main haari … and Dekho kasam se …, of course, but there was one from Kora Kaagaz which is also one of my favorites. I know it doesn’t fall into your time frame, but it did have a very cute Jaya Bhaduri and a grumpy Vijay Anand:

    I couldn’t find a video for this song!

    In Kala Bazar, Waheeda is singing to a gloomy and depressed Dev Anand, Sach huye sapne tere …

    I know he is more depressed and gloomy over his own failings and his vices, but it remains a song where Waheeda is trying to coax him into a better frame of mind, and he eventually smiles at her.

    And then here is a song which sounds like a heroine is manaoing a roothoed hero, except that it is a nautch girl singing to Dharmendra in Devar, and I think this is after he has discovered that Deven Varma is married to Sharmila, whom he would have married but for some trickery by Deven, and Sharmila is actually his childhood sweetheart:

    So this song does not fit in with this theme, but its lyrics seem to do so!

    Now I am going to listen to a couple of songs from your post before I drop off to sleep!

    • Lalitha, I love the three songs you’ve linked to! I agree that the one from Kala Bazaar doesn’t fit the theme because he’s not upset specifically with her, but it’s a great song, so let’s make an exception. ;-) And the lyrics of Roothe saiyaan are enough to grant it a place in this list.

      I’ve not seen Kora Kaagaz, but I’ve heard Roothe-roothe piya often enough. Lovely song!

      • Arre, go and watch Kora Kaagaz immediately!

        You can’t watch all the rubbish in Hindi films and not watch some of the better stuff. Has its flaws of course – although my greatest crib would be that the moment someone does something worthwhile in life like teaching, he/she is immediately landed with great thick black ugly spectacles of the type called “culos de vaso = butt of a glass” in Spanish.

        Great songs too.

        • great thick black ugly spectacles of the type called “culos de vaso = butt of a glass” in Spanish

          Heh! Sounds so appropriate. :-)

          Okay, Kora Kaagaz has been added to the queue. Thank you for the suggestion!

  11. Lovely theme. Thanks, pacifist and Madhu.

    Good selection of songs too – my favourite is “dekh kasam se”. Just love Shammi and Ameeta in this song.

    I think Nasir Hussain specialised in r-m songs. His movies were pretty formulaic (not that I’m complaining!) and an r-m song seemed to be an essential part of them. Dekh kasam se, maana janaab ne, jiya o jiya, o mere sona re, na jaa mere humdum – and outside your timeline, o meri soni (Yaadon ki baaraat), ye ladka haaye allah (Hum Kisise Kam Nahin), hoga tumse pyaara kaun (zamaane ko dikhaana hai) come to mind. I’m sure there are others I’ve missed.

    Then there was the cute “bhali bhali si ek soorat” from Buddha Mil Gaya, but that’s out of your timeline too. As is “roothe rab ko manaana aasaan hai” from the under-rated Amitabh film, Majboor.

    How about “khuli palak” from Professor? And “gussa itna haseen hai to” from Maryada?

    I seem to remember some r-m songs of Rajendra Kumar, Manoj Kumar too. “zulfon ko hata le” and “bura maan gaye” were both Manoj Kumar at his best. ;-)

    More to follow.

    • That’s an interesting observation about Nasir Hussain’s films often having r-m songs. Yes, now that I come to think of it, you’re right – there are loads of examples out there. Incidentally, even Dil Deke Dekho had Pyaar ki kasam hai, which – while the lyrics aren’t r-m, had a situation that was r-m all the way. I like the later songs you’ve mentioned too, especially Meri soni meri tamanna and Yeh ladka hai Allah – great music, there.

      And the other ones, too – though the ones from Buddha Mil Gaya, Professor, etc are all the conventional ‘heroes manaao-ing heroines’ ones.

  12. Just realised I may have got this wrong. This is supposed to be a “heroine” manao-ing hero post. So most of my songs above will not qualify. Sorry, Madhu!

    • No problem, raja! Here’s one ‘heroine-manaao-ing hero’ song, instead.
      Tum jaao kahin, tumko ikhtiyaar from Mere humdum mere dost. A rather sad song (and not one of my favourites), but it had been on my long list for this post:

  13. i remembered that ‘kora kagaz’ song too (above). The one in love story – ‘kya gazab karte ho jee/pyaar se kyon darte ho jee’ – would this qualify?

    • This one, Anu – right?

      I watched Love Story years ago so don’t remember the story, but from what I can see, it seems like this is more a seduction song (like Yeh hai reshmi zulfon ka andhera) than an r-m song. Kumar Gaurav’s character wasn’t in love with Aruna Irani’s character, was he?

      • Madhu, Kya gazab karte ho ji is indeed a seduction song. He is running away, lands up in a hotel room and Aruna Irani comes to the wrong room, assumes he is shy, and begins to tease him.

        The roothna-manana song in that film is this one:

  14. Dusted off ji,
    A very good idea and good songs too.
    I would add one of my favourites-Asha Bhosle singing for Nalini Jayawant,manao-ing Shammi Kapoor in HUM SAB CHOR HAI-1956.
    The song is ‘ beimaan balama,gayee jaan jalima….’
    -Arunkumar Deshmukh

    • Thank you, Arunji!

      I had forgotten about Beimaan balma. Lovely song, and Nalini Jaywant is such a gem. :-) I wish this film was available – I recall having watched it years ago on DD, but I don’t think it’s commercially avalable anywhere.

      • Folks
        the good news is that Hub Sab Chor Hain is available, bought this VCD from onlineindianmart.com

        and seems Ashaben seems to have max manno songs ?, dont yu think the ol classic from Teesri Manzil also fits in this category
        o mere sona re……. ?
        And if I can pls use yr columns DO, today Sab TV is showing this movie and I wonder if this wil be the full uncut version ? if any1 can record this and share with us pls, that wud be great. As u know all VCD N DVDS are cut by almost 20 mins. I do not have the facility to rip but any kind soul who can
        do this, we will be honored. Cheers

        • dont yu think the ol classic from Teesri Manzil also fits in this category
          o mere sona re……. ?

          Ash, you didn’t read my post, hai na? You’re just pretending to have read it, right? I can’t see how you could have missed it, otherwise, since it is one of the songs on my list. Large screen shot provided, too, for visual recall.

          *retreating in hurt silence* (in other words, rootho-ed).

              • tum katti karo main manaata rahoon ke in kattion pe aur …. er… kya kya aur aata hai :):), yu got my email right DO ? This ‘un dedicated to our dear DO…..ab maan bhi jaao…
                Rootho na ghadi ghadi yun tum

                Latadi at her best :), cheers, power break coming at noon so bye bye :)

      • Help!! I’ve become addicted to this song.
        Either I’m …ahem….. singing it, especially trying to sing the line ‘leke gusse mein pyaAaAar’, or humming it, and when its neither of the two it’s in my head :-/

  15. DO… we have another good ‘un, and KIDS MANAADING DAADI AMMA… RINGS A BELL, IT IS CALLED
    Daadi Amma Daadi Amma Maan Jao
    found under

    and filmed beautifully on one and only LALITA Power aka Pawar, may her soul RIP, it is from phillum Gharana, cheers :)

    • OOps opps main to bhool hi gaya, another oldie goldie, a lovely film with AJEET, SHAKILA, SALIM, PRATIMA DEVI,
      Baraat 1960
      aji ab kehna maan jaao tumhi bade main chhoti – melodious voice of Geetadi Dutt and who else but Rafi Saheb, and it is here

      cheers :)

    • Well… the Dadi amma is hardly the ‘hero’, and the children don’t qualify as the ‘heroine’, so maybe that song doesn’t quite qualify. But it’s certainly an old favourite. :-)

  16. A very lively discussion on an interesting subject, presented well enough to evoke responses even before one reads the full contents.

    • I would believe that Radha [Vyjantimala]’s overtures to Sundar[Raj Kapoor] in Sanagam – Main Ka Karoon Raam Mujhe Budhdha Mil Gaya – may fit the bill.
      Sundar had taken umbrage to the fact that Radha wanted to purchase some purse or neckless and he wanted to purcahse a bagpipe.
      Radha stupefies him in this song.

      • That’s an interesting example of a song that I wouldn’t be able to categorise easily. In a way it’s roothna-manaana, but I think more than that, it’s more sheer teasing on her part – pulling his leg about the double standards he has (as far as I remember, it’s preceded by her wanting to accompany him to a nightclub or something, and he putting his foot down because the women dancers in nightclubs are skimpily dressed)… so she does this private song-and-dance for him.

        Maybe someone who remembers Sangam better will be able to clarify this one for us.

        • Yeah, this is the way I remember it and was aghast at his hypocrisy even twenty years back when I saw the film and this same guy is jealous afterwards about her past love affair!

        • But I think he’s rootha here, because even before the song she calls him a buddha for his views, and he says something like ‘What?? and then she comes up with this – IIRC

          Though she’s aggravating him further rather than manaaoing. LOL

          • Yes – actually, that is one reason I don’t consider this an r-m song. He did rootho (a prime case of hypocrisy, as harvey mentions), but she’s not making an attempt to manaao him – just poking fun at him. :-D

            • But so in character, no? I thought that scene exemplified so much of the double standards that were (and still are) prevalent – what is good for the gander, not being good for the goose…

              • Absolutely! If I remember correctly, the situation before the song is exacerbated by him leafing through a magazine – again full of photos of scantily dressed firang models, while insisting that his ‘good’ Indian wife be only sari-clad.

        • I think Raj Kapoor in showing his hypocrisy was even fighting it through Vyjayanthimala and that song.
          He *was* the producer director.

  17. Well, this is an interesting post, for an interesting theme. I guess Dev Anand was very good at playing in this theme. Here’s another one that I think might fit (although Dev’s character isn’t angry at Padmini’s character; he’s just upset because he has amnesia):

    And there’s this one from “Parchhain”:

    • Thanks, Richard. I like the Amardeep song, even if it’s not really quite part of the theme. :-)
      Actually, even the Parchhain song – going strictly by lyrics – doesn’t seem like a roothna-manaana song; he seems more depressed and ‘given-up-on-life-and-love’ than huffy. But I guess you’d know the context; that’s what matters.

      • You’re welcome, Dustedoff, though I am sorry that both of these are a bit off-theme. I guess I posted these a bit too quickly, thinking about the visual similarity of the situations and the coaxing/cajoling part without thinking enough about the differences in the specific thoughts or mood of the hero.

        The context for the Parchhain song is rather unusual… Sandhya’s character has been fooling V. Shantaram’s character that she is the lover he’d been waiting to see for sometime, because her voice is identical to that of his lover (who is played by Jayashree). This is possible because he was blind before and he has just gained his eyesight, so he wasn’t literally seeing anyone before. (Although, I should add, the two women’s voices don’t really sound identical to the audience, except when these women are singing.) And now he is becoming increasingly distressed that something doesn’t seem quite right, and she is trying to coax/cajole him…

        • That isn’t a problem, Richard – the more songs, the merrier!

          Thank you for explaining the context of the Parchhain song. That sounds rather unusual, and intriguing. I’d probably like to watch it someday.

  18. Some rootha Rajesh Khanna being manaoed songs but he succumbs pretty quickly in the first two :-)

    (a) Mumtaz manaoing in “Bindiya Chamkegi” from ‘Do Raaste’ (1969)
    (b) Asha manaoing in “Tere karan tere karan” from ‘Aan Milo Sajna’ (1970)
    (c) Rekha in “Jaane de gaadi teri jaane de” in ‘Aanchal’ (1980)

      • Bindiya chamek chamekegi is my birthyear song of geetmala. I thought it is that he is not really rootha with her but just that he wants to learn, thus basically it is a seduction song, but who knows,maybe there is a roothna background to it.

          • Actually he is ‘rootha’ too. Mumu’s older sister Bindu is his ‘bhabhi’ and creating HAVOC in the family so he’s not feeling the love right then!

              • :-D

                Going to study – or do any work that requires concentration – on the terrace of our house is a bad idea for me. There are invariably some interesting birds in the trees and fields around. I always get distracted and end up watching them instead!

  19. There is one other song which I am trying to remember – I think it is Asha Parekh and maybe Rajesh Khanna and she sticks this long twine to his jacket and reels him in, and sings this song, and I seem to remember a whole bunch of local women standing behind her, and there could be huge salt hills behind her. Does this sound familiar? I am pretty sure this is also a roothna manaana song, if only I could remember which one! Unfortunately, I can only look for it at night, after I return from my dinner round at the nursing home! I am hoping I will remember before then!

    • I was just about to go searching for the song (or write a comment, hoping Suhan would be able to answer your question – a film with Rajesh Khanna in it? Suhan will know!)… but then I saw you’d found it.

      I haven’t seen Baharon ke Sapne either, but from the conversation that precedes the song, it certainly seems to fit the theme. The song sounds familiar, but I’ve never watched it before – loved it. Beautifully picturised and sung. And both Asha Parekh and Rajesh Khanna (he, despite that beard!) look wonderful.

      • Heh heh :-D But more than ‘rootha’, here he’s embarrassed with her public display of affection – in the film he’s a labor ‘log ka neta’ :-) Do watch it. Till about 15 mins before the end, it really is a pretty remarkable film though not if you’re feeling blue. And the music is just superb early RD Burman, so so lovely, each and every one of the songs. Greta wrote it up a few years back. Would love to see your take on it Madhu.

        • I know the music is awesome, Suhan. :-) Chunri sambhaal gori, Do pal jo teri aankhon se ( I was completely bowled over by Rajesh Khanna when I first saw that song on Chitrahaar!), and that absolutely lovely Aaja piya tohe pyaar doon. But I’ve never been one for tragic films, and my father told me years ago that this one had a sad end. That’s one reason – despite Greta’s review, which I did read – why I’ve never been able to get around to watching the film. :-(

  20. Excellent post & idea, really like most of the songs selected. Most of the songs I thought of have been posted by others, so I have to sort of stretch the requirement. Some seduction songs featuring a reluctant hero have been posted by others, so I shall add

    Hai Hai Yeh Majboori

    & at least 3 from Sanyasi

    And it is just a coincidence that all of them star Manoj Kumar as the reluctant one, I do not wish to comment any further least a horde of “Mr Bharat” fans issue a fatwa upon me. :)

    Coming back to your introduction, I see a still from that path-breaking song in Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam, but no further elaboration. That song probably fits in a broad interpretation of R-M, but it could stand on its own in other less light-romantic more serious categories. In that vein, here is another with shades of R-M, but obviously far more serious :-
    Ab To Hai Tumse Har Khushi Apni from Abhiman

    • I’ve never seen Sanyaasi (am very unlikely to, either!), but yes, those songs are pretty much of the ‘seduction’ category rather than the r-m lot.

      I’d initially put Na jaao saiyyaan in this list, but after some thinking, figured that it too is basically a seduction song. There are, of course, other layers to it – much more depth, etc – but he’s not rootho-ed; just indifferent, or whatever.

  21. Madhu,how about this? ;-) Hum confuse ho gaye hain.I cant tell ki Dharmendra rootha hai,ki woh ladki heroine hai,ki yeh manaane waala ganaa hai…the picturization isnt in sync with the lyrics. Krupaya ispe roshni daalen..

    • Lovely song, Karthik! That was a new one for me; I’d never heard it before.

      An aside (nothing to do with the topic, but specifically with this song): the refrain reminded me a little of a song we used to sing back in school, Jaago re jaago re jaago re Hind k naujawan. It was a patriotic song (of course! At least in KVs, we never sang anything else!), beautiful composition but difficult to sing. Let me see if I can find a rendition of it somewhere.

    • That is a good one! A song filled with so much pathos and this picturisation, just doesn’t fit. This happens unfortunately quite often with MM’s songs!
      Thank you for bringing in this one, Karthik!

  22. In my books, “Milti Hai Zindagi Main Mohabbat Kabhi Kabhie” from “Aankhen”(1968) is the top one in this category. Mala Sinha was almost like a hero in this song. But it fell well short of macho Dharam’s charishma, I guess….

    BTW, click on my name to find a song of Dharmendra pataofying his heroine though through my voice :-)

    • I would disagree about Milti hai zindagi mein mohabbat kabhi-kabhi. As far as I recall, Dharmendra’s character isn’t in love with Mala Sinha’s character at that stage in the film – she’s trying her best to attract him and make him fall in love. So that doesn’t fit the roothna-manaana theme; it’s more a seduction song than anything else.

      I like your rendition of Pal-pal dil ke paas. But please look a little happier next time you record a nice song! :-)

    • Thanks for your feedback, Dustedoff.

      Did anyone else get to view the video? Your feedback/comments only on the you tube page please. Click on my name to view the video.

  23. Suhan has mentioned “tere kaaran tere kaaran” from Aan Milo Sajna above but there’s this song too “palat meri jaan”. Am not sure whether it is an r-m song but it sounds like one.

    • Looks like an r-m song, certainly. Too long since I last watched Aan Milo Sajna, but perhaps Suhan will help us out on this one.

      Rajesh Khanna certainly seems to be right up there with Shammi Kapoor and Dev Anand on being the rootho-ed hero!

  24. Then there’s this one. Way outside your timeline but cute in its own way, featuring as it does Neelam with the long, flowing tresses of hair. :-) This movie Jawaani was from the mid-80s (so a major AVOID! period for me) but I did catch it and, though the story was no great shakes, I quite liked the songs.

    • First time I’ve watched this song (like you, I rarely saw any films in the 80s – or in the 90s, for that matter). But I remember hearing the song: it’s catchy. And the visual’s cute too, Neelam’s abundant hair included! :-)

      Thank you for that.

  25. @swarint: Okay, not rootho-ed now, though I didn’t much care for that song – Lata sounding well past her prime there. :-( There was a certain point – I think in the early 90s – when I started wishing Lata would retire gracefully, at least for some types of songs.

    BTW, didn’t get your mail. When did you send it?

    • Thanks, Hansda! Glad you liked it. Yes, I missed Rootha hai toh manaa lenge – cute song. Fortunately, somebody pointed that one out and linked to it in one of the comments.

  26. This on behalf of ash, who sent me this in a mail:

    Yep yer spot on DO, I have no hesitation to say def could not read the Post in full, even if I wanted to, I will not be able to ! Reason is simple, since moving from the City, 98 kms away only, the Internet bandwidth has gone for a real toss to my utter disgust. Have seen the other side of life where yu van forget the Internet speeds, yu also face 2 x 3 hours of load shedding between 07 to 21 hrs daily, sometimes even more !

    So combine this with lousiest bandwidth, all Websites with embedded YT links, the PC just freezes, goes on 100 p.c. CPU usage or hops and we miss contents, so yah just cud not read all the post, and yu may have also noticed I have not been a regular visitor here, or at Memsaab etc because this is one of the main reasons. Yeah we can work on the Net during the nights if we wish to because it is slightly better !!!!!!

    I wud like to be part of it, but sorry telecomm is in the dark ages still, a Broadband is defined as minimum 256 kbps ?, and what do we have…… I will not like to even mention it, because it is a joke.

    So allow me to retreat in silence… and well dismay… DO…., adios :)

    • Oh, poor you, ash!

      Chalo will not rootho any more. I can understand how frustrating it is! Right now, we’ve also been having some trouble with our Net connection at home, but it’s nowhere close to as bad as you say. And in a post like this, where it’s just one video after another – the web page takes an eternity to load.

      My sympathies! Hope things get better soon. :-)

      • Merci Madam DO :), aapun ko maafi deeyi deeyo :), and for putting the email up. Today a lil better connection ( its local elections, and no power cut either????), u know our biz and my hobbies, the Oldie Goldies both totally dependent on Net, and when we are taken for a ride by our local ISP/Cable Operator guy, then yah very very frustrating indeed. Me and wife been fighting with them since we moved but to no avail, it is monopolistic situation and only when we GET some competition we will hv some improvement and price reduction also, But we are glad we are not totally shut off from the world, tortoise speed bhi manzoor hai ees halat mein.’Av a nice evening, ta ta

        • Today a lil better connection ( its local elections, and no power cut either????)

          That sounds very familiar – my parents echo that! They had a horrible net connection too – BSNL – which never worked, and with absymal speeds when it did. So now my father’s junked that and bought himself a data card which is much, much better. What really hurts is that you’re paying money for this horrid service…

          • Wow me same experience as your parents, was at BSNL first and when I saw their set up, we made up our mind NO not them !!, even telephones do not work so were they gonna provide us Internet !!!, And yep I also have a MTS data card , it is a WEE bit better. We wolud never be able to survive without a back up :) and hahaha elections over so we are back to shedding… btw just to share this info, our area is supposed to have 24 hrs supply bcos it hosts TAPS and BARC … as we fall within, 20 or was it 30 kms radius of these facilities. But it is on paper only, ‘av a nice day.

  27. Will “Yeh bhi koi roothne ka mausam hai diwaane” from Solva Saal be an acceptable suggestion? The only problem with it is that the grump for whom the song-and-dance is intended turns out not to be the hero after all, but in fact only an ornery low-down hornswogglin’ varmint. In respect of other parameters I think the song is a more than tolerable fit.

    • I think that would certainly fit the bill, because at this stage in the film, this “ornery low-down hornswogglin’ varmint” (oh, I love those adjectives!!) was her hero! So, definitely.

  28. Sorry nothing worthwhile to contribute in terms of a manaaoing song ’cause all the ones I could think of are already featured in your list – and in a few of the comments! What a wonderful idea for a blog post! And I notice that you have constantly come up with such interesting themes, never wavering from the main focus of the blog, but always managing to keep it new and interesting. How *do* you do it :) I will have to read each one of those I see on the side bar! Wonderful writing – involved, detailed, passionate, witty! I am going to be a regular visitor hereon…and much thanks for such entertaining fare…

    • That’s sweet of you! Thank you so much – though, in all fairness, I cannot lay claim to any innovativeness when it comes to either this post or the Shammi-Dev Anand one; both theme were requests from the readers those posts were dedicated to! I have very creative readers. :-) But yes, the selection of songs is all mine…

      Do come back regularly and join in the fun! We have lots of delightful (and as you can probably see, some tangential!) conversations here.

    • Seems as if it would qualify – though I think this one is along the lines of Na rootho rootho, where they take turns manaao-ing each other. Of course, he doesn’t sing here, but he looks as if he’s maan jaaoed, and then she starts teasing him again. Okay song, but I’m very partial to the Sanjeev Kumar-Leena Chandavarkar jodi, so I like this one! :-)

  29. I didn’t see… Ruthe ruthe piya, manaaun kaise. Is it there? Did I miss it?? If not, it’ll be a nice addition to the collection.

    PS: I accidentally posted this comment on another post. Please delete it from there.

  30. Hi, you made my day. I love this genre of songs esp when there is Shammi Kapoor in them. A heroine manao-ing Shammi Kapoor is ultimate bliss as he looks very adorable when he is annoyed.

    I was looking for a list like this.

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