The Englishman’s Cameo

The Englishman’s Cameo (Hachette India; 2009. ISBN: 9788190617338), published in French as Le Camée Anglais, is the first Muzaffar Jang book, a story about crime and corruption in Shahjahan’s Dilli.

Set in 1656 CE, the novel begins with the young nobleman Muzaffar Jang being catapulted into a crime investigation when a friend of his is accused of murdering a powerful—but shady—nobleman. The investigation brings Muzaffar into contact with a varied lot of people: a beautiful and canny courtesan; an eccentric Venetian; a mysterious Englishman—and more.

Here are some reviews of the book:

“…The Englishman’s Cameo is a fast-paced yarn written in snappy prose. It also succeeds in evoking the Mughal era through its manners, fashions, jewels and architecture.” – Gargi Gupta, The Hindustan Times. Read more.

“…Its originality and freshness is its strongest point, and — after the dramatic resolution — one shuts the book hoping that Madhulika Liddle will continue with her literary project and act as a path-breaker for other history-mystery writers in order to build this fabulous genre’s South Asian avatar.” – Zac O’Yeah, Deccan Herald. Read more.

“…The writing style is vivid and descriptive…The book is [a] quick read, being just over 270 pages. The story finishes before one feels the toll of an overdose of history…” – Shakti Swaminathan, The Hindu. Read more.

The Englishman’s Cameo is available in major bookstores in India, and can be ordered online at Flipkart, Infibeam, AmazonLandmark, etc.

Or, download the Kindle edition at Amazon, by clicking here.

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