Announcing the Johnny Walker Songs Compilation DVD

How many actors have had films named for them? How many appear in the lyrics of songs? And how many, without being lead actors, manage to invariably feature in at least one song in every film they’ve acted in?

Johnny Walker. Lovable, funny, a very underrated actor—and star of some of the best comic songs there are out there. With Mohammad Rafi singing a very convincing playback for him, Johnny Walker pranced and hiccuped, pestered and wooed reluctant belles in dozens of fabulous songs through the 50’s and 60’s.

And now for the good news: Tom Daniel, who’s been doing the classic Hindi film music loving world a world of good with his song compilations of Bela Bose, Minoo Mumtaz, and (most recently) the songs from Albela has another treat ready: Johnny Walker’s songs. Tom insists these aren’t necessarily Johnny Walker’s best songs—they are just some of Tom’s favourites, which he happened to possess on DVD—but in my opinion most of Johnny Walker’s signature songs are here: Sar jo tera chakraaye, Jaane kahaan mera jigar gaya ji, Suno suno Miss Chatterjee, All line clear… and so many more, each of them a treasure.

Tom’s painstakingly enhanced picture and sound quality to give these 25 songs a whole new lease of life. And, for those of you out there who don’t understand Hindi, there are subtitles—a few songs having been translated by yours truly. A very satisfying experience for me, since I discovered a bunch of songs I’d never even heard of before, and rediscovered others, simply by paying close attention to the lyrics. Hum bhi agar bachche hote (Door ki Aawaaz, 1964), for instance, was for me a somewhat silly kiddies’ birthday party song—until I began transcribing it and discovered hidden depths.

These are the songs:

Without further ado: here’s the link to the DVD that Tom’s uploaded. You can download the entire folder, then read through the Instructions.pdf file to understand how to generate the DVD. The pdf is very self-explanatory, so you’re unlikely to face any problems, but if you do, just leave a comment below and you’ll get help.

Thank you, Tom, and may your tribe prosper! (Or shall I reword that: may you make many more DVD compilations?!)

P.S. Anybody out there who knows Tamil and would like to help do subtitling for a Padmini compilation that’s in the pipeline? The Padmini project is still 3 or 4 months away, but since not all of the Padmini songs that Tom will be putting into the DVD have subtitles, translations would be required for some songs. Much gratitude to anybody who can help!


53 thoughts on “Announcing the Johnny Walker Songs Compilation DVD

  1. Superb job and effort Tom, thats devotion. Thx a ton on behalf of one of Johnny Bhai aka Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi Sahebs biggest fans.

    I have a MP3 collection, been collecting since 70’s
    and what a coincidence, I was listening to
    Tirchi Nazar Se Yoon Na Dekh from Ek Phool Char Kante when I happened to see an alert in my email from you DO.

    This man with his mere screen presence brought happiness and smiles on our souls, still does and will do.
    G8 artist, most original.

    And now I am on his next Pata Note Karro Hamara from Zara Bachke 1959. Superb Johnny Bhai and Rafi Saheb.

    I only wish we cud get these files, and also of Minoo Mumtaz from other sites, MediaFire is very heavy site to get all these wonderful files. Can some1 put these on YouTube, that wud be g8ly appreciated.

    All the same.. once again superb effort by Tom, keep it up.



  2. O, how I wish I knew Tamil!
    I have to confess I’ve never downloaded any of Tom’s famous DVVD compilation. No, I don’t have any excuses! I think I’m jut to lazy for new things – a sure sign that I’m getting old!
    BTW I was just thinking of making a list of Johny Walker songs myself! But then I remembered you have done one already and I was totally in agreement with it.


  3. ash: I’m completely in concurrence re: Johnny Walker. Inimitable! By the way, Tom also uploads the videos on dailymotion, where his user name is tommydan1. You could, for instance, watch Tirchhi nazar se yoon na dekh here. Enjoy!

    harvey: We’re in the same boat, brother. ;-) I must admit I’d never downloaded any of the other DVDs either, but since I’d helped out on this project, I did download it – takes a while, but very satisfying. Every now and then, I take a break from work and watch a Johnny Walker song!
    Oh, please! You must have some Johnny Walker songs you like more than the ones I wrote about. Would really love to see a post from you!


  4. First, dustedoff is being too modest. She put in a lot of work translating more than just a few songs, and gave meaning to many of them to me for the first time. This project is much more successful for her involvement.

    Ash, I read your comments both here and at Memsaab’s blog post about the Bela Bose DVD, but you didn’t explain what problems you had trying to download the files. If you have a broadband connection, even a relatively slow one, all it’ll take is time. I download a several at a time by opening the MediaFire link multiple times. When they’ve downloaded I go and get some more. You don’t even really have to stay on top of it. Get some in the morning and some more in the afternoon or evening. It might take several days, but so what? But maybe you’re having some other kind of problem, something with which we can help?


  5. Thank you, Tom – and you’re very welcome! I enjoyed doing the subtitling for these songs, and what’s more, I’m very grateful for the large number of fabulous songs I’ve gotten to know because of this project.

    Ash, I agree with what Tom says regarding the downloads. I have a broadband connection that’s pretty slow, so I was only able to download perhaps 4 .rar files (they’re the largest in the folder) a day, but there’s really no hurry… if you’re online for say 2 hours at a time, you can put one file on download while you surf the net or whatever, and then later whenever you’re on the net again, download another file. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible on a dial-up. Do you have a broadband connection? What speed?


  6. Thx a lot folks- Tom n DO, for useful tips .)

    The Dailymotion gave me a good and fast and reliable d/l, I have managed to get the Bela files in about 60 mins or so, all without a link break.

    With MediaF, if the link broke I cud not resume from the break point so had to restart again.

    Ofcors they say go PRO and get zipped files .)…….

    My bandwidth is 1MEG both ways, usually it is Ok speed but yu may hv noticed I am active on other ‘sites’ with oldie goldies (up and down loads) and this is as good as 24 hr occupancy .). so always struggling for idle time……..)

    But aal is well, now let me see if I can get Johnny Bhai files via multiple browser tabs, yday for some reason it gave me one at a time!!!

    Be back if I need help…. once again, g8 going and apprec all yr hard work.

    Cheers .)


  7. Hooray got it now Tom and DO,
    I was right clicking and saving, ALL as I have Download themall tool, but this was not allowed, so I did what yu suggested, went individually on the DOWNLOAD option and opened 17 tabs one by one and started to save them, they are all connected and d/l at 10 to 25 kbps… that is fine, I wil leave PC on for tonite and by tmrw all shud be done, as it is my PC works night shifts .).)…

    So ciao for now folks, c y as soon again, carry on yr good work…

    cheers .)


  8. This sounds wonderful! I must admit that I haven’t downloaded any of the compilations so far, simply because I am lazy!!! :-) Will get on to it as soon I get back home from Niagara. Thanks for all the hard work, Tom and Dustedoff.


  9. So cool to see the mera yaar tommy song included on there, that’s the song that comes to mind when i see JOHNNY Walker, like you and Harvey i don’t know how to download this things, i’d just be happy with the youtube links as there’s way too much i’m yet to watch on my dvd player


  10. bollyviewer: You’re very welcome – and it’s Tom who deserves the applause, really; it’s his initiative! For me, it was a ball: I got to watch some great songs, use the grey cells a bit to figure out how best to translate something into English (how on earth do you say “Yeh majnun ki pasli” in English when it’s referring to kakris?!). Much fun for me. :-)

    bollywoodeewana: Watch them on dailymotion, in tommydan1’s profile, then… not on youtube. The youtube videos are generally bad picture and sound quality, and in most cases you won’t find subtitles. Tom’s videos on dailymotion are the same ones he’s uploaded for the DVD, so they’re nice and crisp and beautiful and logo-free, and there are subtitles.


  11. Laajawaab… Such fantastic work, Tom. Hats off! Thank you, Madhu for sharing that with us. I had no idea about the website until now. I haven’t heard so many of these let along watching so this is going to be a treat indeed! Thank you, Tom.

    For more fun, I got a couple of more JW numbers to add to the list. All of them from Basant (1960).

    mere dil pe lagaa de darling tu apne naam ki tik

    ghoom ke aaya hoon main bandhu roos cheen england

    hum ne unke saamne pehle to khanjar rakh diya (with Shammi Kapoor)

    I am yet to find another film with three JW songs!!! I have a feeling there is still one more song in the film that has JW in there.

    I wish the films where he had memorable dialogs like Mere Mehboob, Anand had songs picturized on him.


  12. Thank you, Kanan! The one song I always remember from Basant that featured Johnny Walker is Ghoom ke aaya hoon main bandhu, and from that I basically remember just the cheery “Baajewaala, Patialewaala!”. Great fun, and very Johnny Walker. :-)

    You know, when I wrote that phrase about Johnny Walker being an ‘underrated actor’, I was thinking of his role in Anand. He’s so good in that, funny but yet a kind, sensitive man. Very well portrayed.


  13. Oh, this is good – lots of fun!

    And Dustedoff, you got to translate some really good ones that I had never heard either – I really like “Chedo Dhun” – hard to get that one out of my head. And “Hum Bhi Agar…” is great especially when we know the words!

    Plus, there are so many of his big classics… I’m glad that “Main Bambai Ka Babu” is the song behind the menu, and it’s nice to see those numbers with Minoo Mumtaz that hadn’t made it onto the Minoo Mumtaz comp.

    Though I wish that this included some of Johnny Walker’s appearances in Amar Deep – he was very funny especially in the song-and-dance sequences. Oh, well, maybe we’ll see one of those songs on the Padmini DVD. :)


  14. Kanan I am quite sure we have 2 or mayb 3 songs by/on JOHNNY Bhai, where he played main lead or was one of them, namely

    Johnny Walker (1957) , I have from my old collection a VHSrip, have to refresh my memory.

    Mr. Qartoon M. A. from 1958, luckily this has come out on VCD .)

    the super musical Choomantar 1956, in collection, need a refresh with this also.

    and another one just come out Khota Paisa 1958

    He was a Man Of All Seasons for sure.

    P.S. Also on my radar and wish list is his ,as a Comedian-
    Some Where in Delhi (1956)
    Bombay Race Course (1965), here he has a playback with Rafi Saheb again on peppy number ‘ le gaya zaalim ghadi samjh ke mer dil ‘



  15. Many, many thanks to you & Tom for your efforts in creating this DVD & also the earlier ones.

    I hope no-one will find this offensive in any way, but I am constantly amazed at how passionate non-Indians like Tom & Mister Naidu are about classic Hindi Cinema & how they manage to devote so much time & effort in cleaning up and sharing their creations.

    They really do put others to shame … Are there any awards in the blog world they could be awarded ?

    btw, does Tom have his own blog ?

    Asli Jat


  16. Richard: I’ve now subtitled some of the Minoo Mumtaz songs that hadn’t got translated when Tom made the Minoo Mumtaz compilation – I think he’s uploaded the subtitled videos now on dailymotion (Miyaan mera biwi meri, for instance), though I don’t remember whether he’s also changed the files on the Minoo Mumtaz download URL. That was a lot of fun – Minoo Mumtaz and Johnny Walker!

    Ash: Wasn’t Gareeb jaanke from Chhoomantar? I remember seeing that film years ago, and being amused to see Johnny Walker play the hero. An unconventional hero, but still!

    Asli Jat: No, Tom doesn’t have his own blog, as far as I know. And he certainly gets my vote for any award that’s doing the rounds!
    I don’t really see anything very strange in non-Indians liking Hindi cinema and devoting so much time and effort to it. It’s like any other passion – if you’re really, really keen on something, you don’t mind spending time and energy on it. And I wouldn’t say ‘others’ don’t expend that much time and effort…! ;-)


  17. Spot on DO .)
    Choomantar had a bundle of goodies, like the one yu just mentioned, he, Baijnath aka Baiju sings with sleepy eyes sitting outside the mahal-

    gareeb jaanke hamko na tum mita dena

    I must check out other tracks bcos he was def in some of these either, its been ages since I saw this but a new viewing is def due…… itni movies magar thoda waqt……
    tracks like-

    aankh mein ek soorat teri lab tera afsaana

    gham na kar muskura jeene ka lele maza

    hamne jab dil tha diya koi vaada tha

    main hoon baanke nainawaali- duet with Ashatai and Rafi Saheb Ofcors !

    Now we had Karan Dewan also and it is poss he was in some of the songs named above, all in all OP Saheb and Jan Nisar Akhtar really made magical tunes…. OLD IS GOLD……)

    Cheers .


  18. Thank you both for all the time and effort to make this wonderful compilation. (I downloaded it when I saw the link in the pdf for the Bela Bose compilation. More great work!)

    I very much appreciate it!


  19. This is really commendable Madhulika…Hunting the Johny Walker songs and writing on them..Great job., My favourite here is Sar jo tera chakraye :)


  20. Oh, not me, Sharmi! Not me at all. I just translated a few of the songs. Tom is the one who’s done all the hard work of picking the songs, cleaning them up, inserting the subtitles, creating the DVD, etc. He’s the one we should all be grateful to! :-)


  21. Hooray for Tom and you Madhu :))) Johnny is one of my favorites, he always makes me laugh and rarely makes me cringe :D So happy to have a whole dvd of him and him alone, with erudite subtitles yet!

    Maybe one of your readers has some spare server space that could be used for uploading/downloading these dvds? It would be much easier than using Mediafire, as Tom has said before.


  22. Yes, Johnny Walker never seemed to need frocks (a la Rajendranath) or drag (a la Mehmood) to be funny! He very rarely makes me cringe either. I’m so privileged to have been able to help out with this project!

    People out there: if anybody has spare server space, we’d be very grateful if you could help…


  23. Great job guys!!! Johnny bhai has some lovely songs to his credit. And everytime I see him/his songs – it just makes my day. I checked out the songs on dailymotion, will download them tomorrow. I remember you mentioning the translation you were doing some time back on facebook.


  24. It really amazes me that Johnny Walker, inspite of never being a star (even if he was the ‘hero’ in films like Chhoomantar) acquired so much fame! For a character actor to have so many songs picturised on him is a good reflection on how much loved he was by film makers and audiences.


  25. U know something DO, me and ma buddies in the era of big cinema halls way back in 50’s.60’s and 70’s in Nairobi, our first lookout on the posters for a new phillum was…….
    not who was the hero or heroine

    1. who was the comedian
    we admired all of them simply bcos each had its individuality, they were unique- be it Dhumal, Mehmood, Johnny bhai, Sunder, Tun Tun, Rajendranath Paajee, Babu Sheikh,Omji,Maruti, Kamal Mehra,Polson, Bhagwan Dada., Gope, Anoop Kumar,Pardon me if I missed any other name .), ofcors Kishoreda was all rolled into 1 !

    who was the Music Director

    who was the villain

    and the rest followed……..

    We still feel, not enough credit was/is given to rest of the team, but I suppose thats the way Industry still goes. We will always remember them inc other fav of ours like-

    Raj Mehra, Nazir Hussein, Niranjan Sharma, Bipin Gupta, Rashid Khan,
    Helen, Madhumati, Laxmi Chaya, Helen too those days and Mumtaz, N A Ansari(absolutely forgotten), Nilofur, all those wonderful MOMS like Nirupa Roy, Leele Chitnis, Leela Misra, Protima Devi, Mumtaz Begum, Achla Sachdev, and likes of Shobha Khote,B M Vyas, Amar, Yakub, Cuckoo, Chitra, Azad, Dara Singh, Bela Bose, Ameeta, Anita Guha, Shashikala, ….. list is loooong and endless.

    Would like to share what Subhash K Jha had to say in Bombay Times of 12th June 2010, under his regular GLAM AND GLORY, entitled ‘Where;s the love for cinema ?’…..

    yu can catch this article under-



  26. I have been able to help tom and memsaab with some server space/bandwidth, and will upload the RAR files for the Johnny Walker DVD in the next day or so. Hopefully this will share the load a little, and make accessing this wonderful piece of work a bit easier. Thanks son much to Tom & you, dustedoff, for this fine DVD. I may be physically incapable of drinking alcohol, but I can’t get enough Johnny Walker!


  27. ash: Thank you for sharing that article! I have absolutely no experience (or let’s say no insight) into what Bollywood is like outside of what one sees in gossip columns – which, frankly, I don’t read at all, but this made sense. That whole thing about what does cinema have to do with massage parlours… we could add so much to that. Or cricket. Or jewellery. Or hotels. Or just about anything else that could do with some celebrity endorsement. But I suppose if you have zero acting ability, then you take whatever you can to get some money.
    Oh dear, this sounds really sordid.

    stuart: Bless you! Thanks so very much – this is going to make life much easier for all of us. :-)


  28. Bingoooooooo DO, yu know I was once asked by a outsider how come we have so many hero and heroines with same surname, and my reply was we are very talented, we are inborn with this,thats why !

    The rest of the crowd ie 1.3 billion are not good enough yu know, well lets add the g8 game of Politics also. By jove….

    Cheerio .)


  29. Not that all who are born with a particular surname are necessarily talented – though I do think that over time the really bad actors do sink to the bottom, even if they have a ‘lucky’ surname. I suppose you can go only so far – eventually the box office rejects you, so what if you’re the offspring of a bigwig.


  30. I have uploaded the rars to my webspace. I’m not savvy enough to figure out how to have 1-click download of all 24 parts via http access but if anybody uses a download manager like “Down Them All” (a simple, free extension for the Firefox browser), then (nearly) one-click download is still possible. Feel free to email me at the address on the page my name links to – just PLEASE follow the anti-spam instructions about removing an extraneous letter from the address in the “mailto” link.


  31. Thank you! While giving tips for quickly downloading files from mediafire, Tom had suggested opening multiple tabs – six at a time – (his comment is somewhere up above). Would be helpful here too, I guess, if one doesn’t want to use a download manager.


  32. At the bottom of the page: there are two links, one to subscribe to entries (posts) and the other to subscribe to comments. Click one or both, whatever you’d prefer.


  33. Now then did we miss this D0, well I did until I saw the movie again, namely SATTA BAZAR 1959

    3 songs filmed on Johnny Bhai, u heard it right 3 .)

    readers not heard it b4, pls do, its the usual peppy happy Johnny


    a duet



    That is treat folks- super Johnny, enjoii, catch the phillum if yu can too.

    FILM – SATTA BAZAR [1959]
    LYRICS : GULSHAN BAWRA SAHEB at his best,, may his soul RIP

    cheers .0


  34. Terribly sry, hamka maafi dayee deeyo ,), DO, one duplicated, the correct third is-

    a duet




  35. Strangely enough, Johnny Walker was one person I didn’t remember as being part of the cast for Satta Bazaar (it’s obviously been a very long time since I saw the film). But thank you: those are good songs too!


  36. Hi

    I came across this site when I was looking for the number ‘are na na na na na na tobaa tobaa’ from Aar Paar. Interestiung to read about the 25 songs of Johny Walker. Will download all of these.

    The main purpose of writing this to offer my services to do sub-titling of Padmini films. I am a tamilian, know to read and write tamil and love the golden period of Hindi cinema. I would like to pitch in with whatever little help we (my wife also will join me in this endevour) can!!


  37. Thank you so much, I’m sure Tom Daniel will be very grateful for your help! I’ll send him an e-mail and let him know your mail address, so that he can then correspond with you. Thank you!


  38. Hi, Wonderful effort by you all. I just finished downloading all the files and creating the DVD. Its a delight watching all those songs. I am a great fan of Mohd Rafi and he has sung all the songs for Johnie Walker but feels like he has done it himself. I was looking out for a VCD to buy but didn’t find any on the internet. Then I came across this site and was so happy.
    Would really like to congratulate you all on this.


  39. Now I have to sit and listen to all these Johny Walker songs, provided I am able to decipher and follow the instructions, techno nitwit that I am! It sounds wonderful, though. Congratulations on this great effort by all of you!
    Regarding the Tamil translation, are you still looking for help there? I am not great at it, and my knowledge is rusty from disuse, but I can definitely give it a shot, if you need any help.


    • I don’t think you should have any problem following Tom’s instructions on how to ‘assemble’ the DVD – he’s very precise. :-) And, if you should have any problems, do post a comment here – I’m sure Tom will be happy to help you out.

      As far as I know, Tom hasn’t yet got around to doing the ‘Tamil songs of Padmini’ compilation… so your help may well be very welcome.


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