… And a revised quiz

All right, we had some hiccups with the original ‘Classic Bollywood’ quiz, because some readers got confused about how to submit answers. Never mind. I always have more trivia up my sleeve! So, an updated quiz. Forget about the last one; I’ve already posted the answers to most of those questions, at the end of the post.

What I’m doing is: I’m changing most of the questions (basically, the questions people didn’t get right). And here’s a mostly-new quiz.

The prize remains the same as last time: a signed copy of my book, The Eighth Guest & Other Muzaffar Jang Mysteries. Or, if you’ve already read that, one of my forthcoming books.  And the chance to dictate the theme for my next ‘Ten of my favourite songs’ post. The prize goes to whoever is first in with all correct answers. If nobody manages that, the first person to get the maximum correct answers gets to dictate-a-theme. No book, sorry.

Edited to add:

Important Announcement regarding Prizes:

Okay, I’ve been giving it some thought. I’m revamping the prizes somewhat. Now:

1. First in to get the maximum answers correct (even if nobody gets all the answers correct) – gets the book and dictate-a-theme.

2. Second person to get the maximum answers correct also gets to choose a theme for a top-ten songs list on my blog.

Back to the original post:

The rules (very important!!):

1. Do not put the answers in comments on the post, please. You don’t want others borrowing your ideas, do you? (Plus, it deflates enthusiasm among the more trivia-mad). Instead, if you have my e-mail address, send in your answers to me. If you don’t have my address, put in a comment to that effect, and I’ll send you a mail to which you can reply.
(Note: Answers written in comments will be arbitrarily deleted). 

2. I’ll accept answers till 2000 hours (that’s 8 PM), Indian Standard Time, on October 4, 2011.

So here we go, the questions:

1. In the film Detective (1958), what is the profession of the character played by Pradeep Kumar?

2.  The West Indian cricketer Frank Worrell, the first black to captain the West Indies, appears in a Hindi film in a cameo role. Which film?

3. Which was Sahir Ludhianvi’s first ghazal to be recorded as a song in a Hindi film after he came to Bombay and joined the cinema industry?

Edited later to add a hint (since blog reader AK put this question in a comment on the earlier quiz, and I thought it unfair on readers who haven’t visited those comments): the operative word is ghazal.

4. Raj Kapoor, O P Nayyar, Naushad, Shankar Jaikishan, and Burman  are among the film personalities mentioned in the lyrics of which song written by Qamar Jalalabadi?

5.  Two films—one made in 1957, the other in 1963—had the following dialogue. In each case, the dialogue is between the hero and the heroine’s friend:

Woman: Soorat toh buri nahin. (The face isn’t bad.)
Man: Seerat bhi buri nahin. (Neither is the nature.)
Woman: Woh toh abhi dekhna hai! (That we’re yet to see!)
Man: Dekhnewaale dekh chuke hain. (Those who had to see, have seen.)
Woman: Acchha? Toh phir der kis baat ki hai? (Really? Then why the delay?)
Man: Shehnai bajaanewaale chhutti pe gaye hue hain! (The men who play the shehnai at weddings have gone on vacation!)

Name the two films.
(Hint: Both conversations occur between the hero and the heroine’s friend, in the presence of the heroine).

6. What were the ‘Filmfare Awards’ known as before they came to be called that?

7. British novelist Marie Corelli’s books were used as a basis for a number of films – only one of which was a colour film, and that too in Hindi. Which film was it?

8. Which actor appears only in a photograph in the Asha Parekh starrer Kati Patang, as the man whose dead wife Asha is impersonating?

9. In which film does Nargis dance to the hit Ritchie Valens song, La Bamba?

10. For Hai apna dil toh awara (Solvaan Saal), who actually played the mouth organ Sunder is shown to be playing?

Good luck, all! I’m waiting to see who wins.

And, by the way: nobody’s attempted the non-quiz question I asked at the end of my last quiz. It’s a fun question, not part of the quiz, but just interesting trivia.

Which famous cinema personality appeared in a cameo role as a boatman alongside Premnath, in the song Naiyya teri majhdhaar in Awara (1951)?


74 thoughts on “… And a revised quiz

  1. Wow, what a quiz!
    And I remember the last question, which you added as a comment to my maajhi post!
    this is really tough. I don’t think I’ll get it!
    but all the same: WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!

    but I think flattery doesn’t help to get the prizes, does it? ;-)


    • Yes, I remember adding that last, non-quiz question in your maajhi post. Anu had asked me then too to reveal the answer, but I thought I’d keep it till I hosted this quiz, even though – since I am not absolutely certain who it is – it isn’t part of the quiz.

      Let’s wait a few days and see if anybody has anything to say about that unknown maajhi’s identity, and if nobody does, I’ll reveal it.

      And no, flattery doesn’t help get any prizes! Not here! :-D


  2. I think the maajhi with Premnath is Sajjan.

    The other answers are really difficult to guess/find DO (except the name of filmfare awards).
    It’s more difficult than the annual King William’s College quiz, Isle of Man. :)


    • Pacifist, thank you for initiating a discussion I was hoping someone would venture into! :-) After all, that last question isn’t really part of the quiz, so I’d love to have people discuss it.

      No, it isn’t Sajjan. In fact, this man wasn’t an actor at all – but his name is very, very familiar to almost anybody who’s into Hindi cinema from the 50s and 60s.

      Yes, I do admit that some of these questions are pretty difficult to answer. One reason I wanted to make them that way was to ensure that not just anybody could simply do a Google search and find all the answers!

      But do feel free to ask for hints. I can always provide some (I’ve added one below one of the questions, because someone asked me something…)

      Go on, guess! :-)


  3. Hi Madhu,
    The quiz is a great idea! Now we’re going to know who really knows their Hindi films! Apart from you of course! Could you send me your email please? I’d like to have a go. Probably going to get most of them wrong anyway!
    Am trying to think laterally for the last question. going to guess at Hasrat Jaipuri. Warm or am I barking up the wrong tree?


      • So it was Shailendra! Close enough. Should’ve asked my Dad really. He’s a massive RK fan.
        My Nana once judged a Hindi poetry competition with Shailendra, somewhere in UP, and he wasn’t enamoured of the experience.
        Pretty sure I know the film from 1957 that you’re talking about. I saw that movie about 4-5 years ago but loved the cheeky dialogues and this one stuck. Not sure about the other film though.


        • That’s an interesting anecdote about your Nana having judged a poetry competition with Shailendra, and not being enamoured of the experience… was the poetry so bad, or wasn’t Shailendra all a judge should be?

          I own both the 1957 and the 1963 films, and have seen them lots of times. The first time I came across that particular dialogue in the later movie, it made me blink and go “Huh?” and then of course I had to pause everything right there and scurry across to see the scene in the earlier movie… and sure enough, there it was again. Exactly the same dialogue.


    • Ah! You know the answer to 8? That isn’t bad, Shilpi, actually – because I know if I hadn’t made a note of it when I was watching the film, I wouldn’t have remembered offhand.

      Not poor you at all!


  4. OK an update LOL!!
    I ‘think’ I have 6 answers.
    Miles to go still :-/

    You would want all the answers together I imagine DO?
    In my excitement I was about to mail answer by answer as I found/thought/confirmed them, but realised the stupidity of it :-D


    • Heh, I have 6 answers too, but the others are real whammies! She’ll have us all sweating out this week, and I’m already snowed under with work. :( (That, by the way, is to make Madhu take pity on me… d’you think it will work? Flattery doesn’t, as harvey proved…)


      • No, pity doesn’t work either! ;-)

        I did think about half those questions were sitters for anybody who knew how to do some good web searching. So I had to balance them out with some tough ones, no? Stuff you couldn’t find just by Googling?


    • Not bad at all, pacifist! 6 answers out of 10 is good.

      Yes, I’d like all the answers together, because what I’m doing is to maintain a spreadsheet with a date and time record for every set of answers I receive from a participant. If anyone sends answers in one at a time, it’ll be unfair on the others…


  5. For everybody who’s been sweating it out

    … something to help loosen you up a bit. A friend shared this with me, and it made me laugh so much, I had to show this to all of you. It’s cinema-related (not classic, but anyway), and if you can read Devnagri and understand some of the major dialects of Hindi, you’ll probably enjoy this as much as I did. Have fun!

    Movies in Bhojpuri

    1. Titanic – नौका देले धोका
    2. Ghost Rider – भूत चढ़ गएल
    3. 3 Idiots – तीन ठो बुद्धू
    4. Ghajini – टकला के बदला
    5. Silence of the Lambs – बकरिया बोलत नाही
    6. Black Hawk Down – काला बटेर मर गईल
    7. Kung Fu Panda – कुंग फू पांडे
    8. Mission Impossible – भैय्याजी ई न हो पाई
    9. Mission Impossible 2 – हम फिर कहत रहीं… ई न हो पाई बबुआ
    10. Mission Impossible 3 – अब कितनी बारी कहीबे… ई नाही हो सकत


    • Hahahahahahaha!
      This is absolutely hilarious!!
      The Mission Impossible ‘series’ is riotous. :-D

      ‘Silence of the lambs’ Gajhani ROTFL

      Now with renewed energy I’m going to tackle the rest….hopefully.

      PS: Am I allowed to paste this elsewhere?


      • Same here – I simply loved the equivalents of Ghajini, Silence of the Lambs and the Mission Impossible movies. (P.S. Have you seen Ravi’s comment, below, suggesting one for Mission Impossible 4? Another fabulous one, I thought). :-D

        Go ahead and pass this on. This isn’t copyrighted stuff; it’s doing the rounds on Facebook and even elsewhere on the net. Share the fun!


        • dustedoff, this is hilarious! I showed this list to my husband, and he says that when they showed Spiderman (the earlier one) in Alexandra Theatres (Bombay), its Hindi title was called ‘Hawa mein latka aadmi ko phatka’.


          • That reminded me of the Hindi equivalent of Dunston Checks In (and this was the actual, official name): Ek Bandar Hotal ke Andar. :-) Actually, considering the content of the film, that rhyming name is kinda cute!


  6. good one.
    by the way baTer is a quail – hawk will be baaz. am just wondering what would mission impossible 4 be called. “sasuraa maanat naahee.n, de chimaaT kheench ke’


  7. Am seeing this only now…lovely! I love old bollywood quizzes.

    The questions are very good – if rather tough! (But, tbh, I’d rather have them this way than easy “googleable” questions). What fun would a trivia quiz be otherwise?

    At first glance, I can say I am 100% sure of answers to only 2 of these. *hanging my head in shame*. I know 4 and 10 – and am pissed off with myself for not knowing at least one part of 5. (I SHOULD be knowing this, I’m positive I heard this dialogue very recently but just can’t remember when/where).

    Also not happy with the fact that I’m not able to get 2,6 and 8.I should be knowing all of these, having read about them (and being a Worrell fan) but the answers just elude me at the moment. Yes, I know I’m losing it! ;-)

    Btw, Madhu, can I send you an e-mail with just 2 answers now and possibly send you an update later or am I allowed just one bite at the cherry?


  8. Exactly! Where’s the fun in a trivia quiz if the answers can be found off the Net?

    But no, I’m sorry you can’t send in answers in instalments – then the sequence in which people submit answers would go haywire, wouldn’t it? Till now, two people have sent in their answers. So if you send in two answers now and three more later in the week, will you be #3, or something else? (Considering the prize goes to whoever is first in with all correct – or maximum correct – answers).

    So, take your time and get all (or as many as you can) answers together before you mail them to me. Don’t worry, neither of those who’ve mailed me their answers have even answered all the questions, let alone got them right!

    Good luck. :-)


  9. Important Announcement regarding prizes:

    Okay, I’ve been giving it some thought. I’m revamping the prizes somewhat. Now:

    1. First in to get the maximum answers correct (even if nobody gets all the answers correct) – gets the book and dictate-a-theme.

    2. Second person to get the maximum answers correct also gets to choose a theme for a top-ten songs list on my blog.

    Happy winning!


    • Why not make it like the film awards nowdays, then perhaps everyone might be eligible for some award or other.
      Something like;
      -the most hilarious answer/answers
      -the widest off the mark answer/answers
      -the least off the mark answer/answers
      -the most original answer/answers
      -sympathy award for person with no clue
      etc etc

      I might get one of these at least. :-D


      • pacifist, LOL! That reminds me of the Koffee with Karan episode where they had critics come to give the Coffee Awards – and at one point, Koel Purie says ” This can’t be like the Filmfare Awards, guys ki jo aaye, use kuch na kuch award de diye!

        I do hope dusteoff will ignore this, and pay attention to your scenario. :)


        • This one’s really got me thinking… I was so busy concocting ‘awards’ for this quiz, I stayed up till well past my bedtime last night! But yes, I think I’ve finally figured out how to do it. Maybe not everybody, but nearly everybody will get some ‘award’ or the other!

          Thank you for the suggestion, pacifist! :-)


  10. This quiz is doing something to my ego, i always though it was an above average bollywood knowledge buff, ah well and a big lol at that suggestion from Pacifist. I couldn’t even answer any apart from say one, looking forward to the answers


  11. Ok, I’ve just sent in my answers, Madhu. Not expecting to win anything but that was never the idea. It was just to have fun trying. :-) Thanks a lot for this quiz.


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