The Muzaffar Jang Books: Now Available on Kindle!

Muzaffar Jang, my Mughal detective, is busy solving more cases – in my head right now, as I write the fourth book in the series.

However, you can read Muzaffar’s earlier adventures now in electronic form too. Some readers outside India (and the UK) have told me that it can be difficult to get either The Englishman’s Cameo or The Eighth Guest & Other Muzaffar Jang Mysteries shipped, even through online retail sites like Amazon or Books Depository.

Here’s some good news, then. Both books are now available as e-books, and can be downloaded from Amazon. If you haven’t got your hands on one or the other book yet, here’s a more convenient (not to mention more economical) way of reading the books.

To view and order The Englishman’s Cameo, click here.

To view and order The Eighth Guest & Other Muzaffar Jang Mysteries, click here.

Happy reading!

And, another, equally exciting, update: we’re well on our way to publishing the third book in the Muzaffar Jang series. I had loads of fun (and learnt a lot) writing this one, and of the three books completed till now, it’s my favourite. My editor and Hachette and I have finished the first round of edits, and we’re hoping to have the book released by winter this year. Keep an eye on these pages for more news!


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