Chaunsath Khamba: a very unusual tomb

A couple of weeks back, I’d written a post here on a little-known but lovely little medieval tomb in Delhi: that of Atgah Khan, foster-father of Akbar. This tomb—Chaunsath Khamba (literally, ‘sixty-four pillars’)—is not just in close proximity to Atgah Khan’s Tomb, but also has a connection to Atgah Khan’s Tomb: Chaunsath Khamba is the tomb of Mirza Aziz Kokaltash, the son of Atgah Khan. (Incidentally, also the man who built Atgah Khan’s Tomb).

Chaunsath Khamba - a view of the tomb.

Chaunsath Khamba – a view of the tomb.

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Heritage and Street Food: A Walk Through Nizamuddin Basti

I’ve been on countless heritage walks around Delhi, and some of them have ended with going off to a Chaina Ram or a Karim’s or a shop in Parathewali Gali to fortify oneself before heading back home. But I’ve never … Continue reading