Ten of my favourite Johnny Walker songs

When I first began blogging about old cinema, my husband asked me, “So will you do a list of Johnny Walker’s songs sometime?” I thought about it (not long; I didn’t need to) and decided yes. Badruddin Jamaluddin Qazi, aka Johnny Walker, definitely deserves a ‘top ten’ list all his own. This, therefore, on what would have been his 83rd birthday, is a list of songs through which he frolics and flirts, teeters and tumbles—just, generally, keeps me glued to the screen. These are all from films of the 50’s and 60’s that I’ve seen, in no particular order.

Johnny Walker (ne Badruddin Jamaluddin Qazi)

1. Jungle mein mor naacha kisi ne na dekha (Madhumati, 1958): The ‘outdoor’ set may be obviously fake, but everything else about this song is delightful. Salil Choudhary’s music is bubbly (a desi champagne?), Johnny Walker’s antics, as he climbs up a tree, falls off and generally complains about people complaining he drinks—are hilarious, and the lyrics are fun.

Jungle mein mor naacha kisi ne na dekha

2. Ae dil hai mushkil (CID, 1956): Unlike most of the songs picturised on Johnny Walker, this one isn’t a laugh-out-loud funny one. Instead, it’s a pessimistic commentary on the inhumanity of a large city—a city that our man ‘Master’, a petty thief, traipses through, either sauntering along by himself or by hitching a ride in a Victoria with his pragmatic girlfriend. Kumkum, in one of my favourite roles of hers, is feisty and vivacious, the perfect foil to her somewhat weak-kneed beau.

Ae dil hai mushkil jeena yahaan

3. All line clear (Chori Chori, 1956): The only one of Raj Kapoor’s films that I find enjoyable features this amusing song in which an ambitious paterfamilias gathers up his brood and marches them off to nab an heiress for whom a reward’s been offered. Johnny Walker, Indira Bansal, and the gaggle of children all look as if they’re having loads of fun, and the music—dominated by a bagpipe—has the infectious rhythm of a marching song. Line clear hai bhai!

All line clear

4. Arre na na na tauba tauba (Aar Paar, 1954): There’s lots I love about this song. Johnny Walker, of course—doggedly romancing his lady in a zoo, of all places. The music. The lyrics, so much fun (when our man asks his lady wistfully if she’s been keeping awake nights, her retort is that she isn’t ill). And, of course, the fact that this was a real-life romance being played out: Johnny Walker and Noor (who was Shakila’s sister) actually fell in love on the sets of Aar Paar and got married (or so I’ve heard).

Arre na na na tauba tauba tauba

5. Jaane kahaan mera jigar gaya ji (Mr and Mrs 55, 1955): If he was prancing around in a zoo in Arre na na na tauba tauba, here Johnny Walker’s flirting in an office at lunchtime, watched by a bemused chowkidar. Yasmin, all dimpled and pretty as a picture, is wooed by an admiring photographer who insists he’s lost his heart somewhere—under a desk? In a filing cabinet?
One of my favourite songs ever; it’s so cute.

Jaane kahaan mera jigar gaya ji

6. Sar jo tera chakraaye (Pyaasa, 1957): Quintessential Johnny Walker: completely loony, irreverent, but with a heart of gold. This is a brilliant tune, with delightful little twirls and twists (even the sounds of the champi are incorporated into the music!), and Johnny Walker is perfect as he goes about drumming up business, massaging heads, dispensing advice, and generally being the local clown. In a film that is otherwise cynical and gloomy, the tel-maalishwaala, Abdul Sattar, is a welcome ray of light.

Sar jo tera chakraaye ya dil dooba jaaye

7. Suno suno Miss Chatterjee (Baharein Phir Bhi Aayengi, 1966): Another of those Johnny Walker-pursues-a-reluctant-miss songs. Here, he’s a Jhansiwaala, trying to press his suit with the Calcuttewaali Miss Chatterjee. This consists of generally trying to coax and emotionally blackmail the girl, but his persistence is admirable: not everybody can sing and pedal and grin at a girl while keeping pace with a Calcutta tram!

Suno suno Miss Chatterjee mere dil ka matter ji

8. Kal talak hum theek thha aaj humein (Detective, 1958): Awww, such a cute song! The peppy beat is one of the main reasons I adore this song, and I think the choreography is just bang on. Indira—in a refreshing change from the nasty vamps she often played—makes one half of a great jodi with Johnny Walker as they serenade each other at night, dancing delightfully and mooning about until they’re interrupted by the grumpy Dhumal (who also stamps about in tune).

Kal talak hum theek tha aaj humein kya ho gaya

9. Dekho ji dekho meethi ada se (Mai Baap, 1957): Youtube doesn’t yet have a video of this song as it was picturised, but you can listen to the song here. The music—and the Rafi-Geeta combination—is wonderful of course but so is the picturisation. Johnny Walker plays an unusual role as a villain (a comical villain, but a villain nevertheless) who’s out to swindle a blind man of a windfall. In this song, he’s romancing Minoo Mumtaz, the bright-eyed glamourpuss who’s his equally villainous girlfriend in the film.

10. Zulf ke phande phans gayi jaan (Mujrim, 1958): A delightful song, set in a flea-ridden police station lock-up, where a much put upon Johnny Walker complains bitterly to his fellow inmates about the trouble love’s got him into. Funny lyrics, a catchy rhythm, and great picturisation—with Johnny Walker and a chorus line of happy-go-lucky jailbirds—make this one of my favourites. The cops don’t seem to mind, either!

Zulf ke phande phans gayi jaan

And before I end this, I might as well put in a footnote: where would a Johnny Walker tribute post be without it being also a tribute to Mohammad Rafi? I’ve always held that Rafi could be exceptionally versatile, and his songs for Johnny Walker are so brilliantly vocalised, I often end up forgetting that it’s Rafi singing, not Johnny Walker. RIP to a superb duo.


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  1. He did get some brilliant songs, any other “comic side plot” person got as many before, during or after? Off-hand, I don’t think so, although I know little enough of the 90s or 2000s (but those we ignore anyway!)

    You are so right about Rafi singing for JW : you would have to stop and think that jinhe naaz hai hind par or yeh duniya agar and jaane kahaan came from the same guy in the film!


    • I will like to add two more songs in the list.
      1) mere dil ko jiski talaash thi mein ne woh sitamgar pa liya
      2) ghareeb jaan Kar na tum mujhe bhula dena


  2. What a lovely post. Love Johnny Walker and you’ve posted all my favorite songs of his. Yeh hai Bombay meri jaan was a particular favorite (and a constant refrain at our home) when we were living in Mumbai! Ditto on Rafi for JW – before I read your footnote I was thinking the same thing. For Qazi Sahib, Rafi brought all his wackiness into play, and there was a surprisingly large amount of it!

    Bawa, Mehmood and Rajendra Nath got quite a lot of songs too. JW though, got the cream of the selection and a wider range, I think. He not only got wacky ones, he got dance numbers, bubbly cheerful ones, and even some philosophical ones. Plus, I do believe that JW has the largest selection of daaru songs!


  3. bawa: That is an example of great minds thinking alike! I rewatched Pyaasa a while back, and it struck me that if I hadn’t known better, I’d have thought Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye and Sar jo tera chakraaye were sung by two different people. Rafi manages to even sound completely different – that slow drawl for Guru Dutt, the unrestrained cheeriness for Johnny Walker. Truly matchless.

    bollyviewer: Thank you! And yes, I think JW could’ve got a top ten daaru songs list all by himself – he featured in so many of them! I’d say Mehmood probably came close enough to JW as far as number of songs go: films like Padosan and Bhoot Bangla are among my favourites for songs picturised on Mehmood… and, in an unusual role as hero, Qaidi No. 911: I love Pyaar bhari yeh ghataayein.


  4. You have listed all my favourite songs of Johny Walker

    I especially love,” yeh hai bombay meri jaan”, and “sir jo tera chakraye”.

    Another song that comes to my mind is from Chaudvin ka chaand, “yeh duniya gol hai”.

    It isn’t that lively considering he’s disduised as a beggar, but it does seem to have the JW mark, and his inimitable style.


    • Another and more famous song from Chaudvi Ka chand picturised on Johny Walker is ..” Mera yaar bana hai doolha …”
      It must be on any top 10 list of Johny Walker sahab songs


  5. pacifist: Yah duniya gol hai was on my shortlist for JW songs – I agree that it’s got his inimitable chhaap to it! This man was such a delight to watch – one of the very few people who was always a ‘supporting actor’ (unless you count films like Chhoomantar), but always managed to be the centre of attention as soon as he came onscreen. Delightful! :-)


  6. Great collection of songs (but that is expected, is it not?).
    How about :-
    1) Gareeb Jaan Ke Humko Na Tum Bhula Dena
    2) Main Bambai Ka Babu Naam Mera Anjaana
    3) Hum Bhi Agar Bachche Hote, Naam Hamara Hota Dablu Bablu
    There was a song that went like
    Yeh Ras Teri Baaton Ka, Chocolate!
    Yeh Jaadu Teri Baaton Ka, Omlette!
    Yeh Ghera Teri Zulfon Ka Baby, Dil Ko Gaya Lapet!
    Cannot remember if this was a JW song.


  7. Main Bambai ka Babu and Hum bhi agar bachche hote were certainly in the running, though I must admit that I’d forgotten all about Gareeb jaanke humko na. :-(

    And I’d never heard of Yeh ras teri baaton ka, chocolate! I discovered it’s from the film Ghar basaake dekho, and according to this forum, it is picturised on JW. What with the chocolate and the omelette here, and the laddoos in Hum bhi agar bachche hote and the copious amounts of daaru in Jungle mein mor naacha, JW could have an entire post on food and drink, consisting only of his songs!


  8. I adore Johnny Walker. He and Rajendranath are my absolutely favorite CSP guys, and I would happily watch them as heroes in any film too. Plus, they got better girls than the hero did, quite a few times!


  9. I know Johnny Walker isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I adore the guy. (Interestingly, my favorite performance of his is a non-comedic one – his turn as a miserly, greedy seth in Railway Platform). Like everyone else, I think Rafi and JW were a match made in heaven, but there is one non-Rafi song on JW that I like a lot and that I think comes *close* to replicating the Rafi-JW magic:

    Kisne chilman se mara – Baat Ek Raat Ki – Manna Deyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KPmJEba9cM


  10. Great list as usual, Johhny walker is one of my favourite comedians, he’s always a delight. i was thinking of doing one on Mehmood just the other day, but i thought i’d see more from him. My fave Johnny Walker song is ‘O mere yaar romeo’ a super hilarious tune with Johnny walker and a dog from Night in London (1967)

    There’s another one from Aadmi aur insaan but i can’t find it on youtube, i’ll come back when i get it


  11. memsaab: Yes, they often did get really pretty girls, didn’t they? In this list itself, I thought Yasmin was gorgeous, and personally I like Kumkum and Indira too.

    Shalini: I must look for Railway Platform – I haven’t seen it yet. The only non-comedic role in which I’ve seen JW is his role in Mai Baap, where he’s a crooked lottery-wallah who tries to swindle Balraj Sahni out of his winnings.
    And thank you for that Manna De song! I’d forgotten about it. But then, I think Manna De was also one of those exceptionally versatile singers. He sang quite a bit for Mehmood…

    bollywooddeewana: Haha! I like that song from Night in London (and the presence of Helen just makes it better!) I’d seen the film a long time ago, but have forgotten most of it.
    I’m looking forward to your Mehmood post! I can think of a lot of songs picturised on him that I like a lot.


  12. Try listening to the two songs one after the other… and then compare them. For the JW song, Rafi is JW all the way: cheery, bright, his voice so much like Johnny Walker’s, with that slight twang to it. And then, for the Guru Dutt song, he completely turns the entire mood and tone – almost even his voice – around. For Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye, I can almost imagine Guru Dutt himself singing it: the intonation and the soft drawl is so much his.


  13. He was amazing in an era when comedy was well integrated into the story. Unlike Mehmood who was often bunged in.

    He had a delicacy which was so endearing. I like Tu hi meri lakshmi, tu hi meri chhaya from Duniya also.


  14. Yes, I feel that Mehmood was too often forced into the plot – except in films like Padosan or Pyaar Kiye Jaa. Johnny Walker generally played a less obtrusive part, or at least a part that blended into the main story. I really like the way Guru Dutt slotted JW in films like Pyaasa, Mr & Mrs 55, CID, Aar Paar or 12 O’Clock.

    Thank you for reminding me of Tu hi meri lakshmi tu hi meri chhaaya! I haven’t seen Duniya so it wouldn’t have qualified for my list since I consider songs only from films I’ve seen – but it’s a delightful song. And I like that Lakshmi Chhaya is the first of the women he’s romancing in it. ;-)


  15. What a delightful list!!! These are my favourite songs too – esp. Jungle mein mor, jaane kahan mera, suno suno miss chatterjee and ae dil hai mushkil jeena yahaan.

    These songs can cheer u up anyday, no matter what.

    And JW and rafi duo was simply rocking!!!
    Funny lyrics, catchy and peppy rythm, JW’s antics and Rafi saheb’s voice, it was a combo that would always leave u wanting for more.

    JW and Rajendranath are my favorite CSP guys, simply adore them. Mehmood was good too but was too loud and repetitive at times. But in movies like Padosan, I truly loved him.

    And, yes…with all his songs on daaru, chocolates, omlette, ladoo and all we could actually design a menu ;-)

    It was both JW and Mala Sinha’s birth anniversary on 11th. I wanted to do a list on both of them but was very busy.
    Cant beat your list for JW… I’ll have to copy-paste the entire post even if I wish to try :-)
    So, I’ll do only on Mala Sinha over the weekend.


  16. Oh, I didn’t know it was Mala Sinha’s birthday too! Will definitely be looking forward to your post with much anticipation. :-)

    And if we go beyond JW, we could probably design quite an extensive menu (Aana meri jaan Sunday ke Sunday has a bit about murgi ke ande as well as brandy and whisky; then there’s the fruit in Meri ber ke ber mat todo and both pomegranates and chillies in Eechak daana beechak daana

    Hmm. Time for lunch, I think!


  17. Richard, thank you for telling me about the post on Carlito’s blog – very nice, and I liked the article on Mala Sinha too. Here’s a lovely photo of her at her wedding… I remember seeing it years ago in a magazine. Just rediscovered it a while back.


  18. good to see ur blog after 1 week absence (mine not urs).
    Johnny Walker is one comedian, whom I can tolerate and even laugh with.
    He got his best songs in Guru Dutt’s films, though I missed him terribly in Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam.
    His song in Chaudvin ka Chand ‘Mera yaar bana hai dulha is nice as well.
    Atul from song a day posted a soulful romantic song picturised on Johnny Walker
    to be seen at: http://atulsongaday.wordpress.com/2009/11/02/ghareeb-jaan-ke-na-tum-hamen-mitaa-denaa/
    I had known that song for a long time. They used to play it quite oftne on Vividh Bharati, but never thought, that it was picturised on Johnny Walker!


  19. Harvey, good to have you back here!

    Yes, I always thought Gareeb jaanke na tum humein was picturised on someone like Dilip Kumar – until I saw Chhoomantar. The lyrics and music are romantic and pretty soulful, but the picturisation of the song – and the rest of the film, too – is lighthearted and even downright comical in places!


  20. Our younger days spent in Nairobi in the 50’s to 70’s, the Golden period, we saw each and every movie in a theater and from the audience response, the first scene with Johnnybhai or Mehmood Bhaijaan, or Rajendrantath Paajee or Sunder Paajee or Agha Saheb or Dhumal Bhau . Tun Tun ji,Om ji the g8 Prakash,Jankidas Paajee,Keshtoda,Mukri Saheb……..there was always a huge response, clapping, bravo, so it is obvious that these guys were as popular if not more popular than the hero/heroine. No doubt they were special and all were original, no one copied anyone, that was their originality and they shall remain etched in our memories for ever. I should say all the Veterans, the so called pillars of the films for eg Lalita ‘Power’ Pawar, Durga Khote, Leela Misra, Leela Chitnis. Mumtaz Begum, Pratima Devi, Nirupa Roy, S. N. Bannerjee, Nazir Hussein, Raj Mehra, Anwar Hussein, David, Anoopda,Madhumati, Bela Bose, Minu Mumtaz. K N SINGH, The Puri brothers,… I can fill pages with more names of these ‘quiet’ soldiers of the industry.


  21. Yes, there were so many of these character actors whom one saw in just about every film: Jagdish Raj and Iftekhar as the quintessential cops, the evil Lalita Pawar, the pathetic mother Leela Chitnis, the sweet sister Indrani Mukherjee or Chand Usmani, the panoply of sisters-in-law/wives of cousins/etc – Nirupa Roy, Sulochana Latkar, etc -… such familiar faces, and many of them very talented actors too.


  22. Great List. Nobody played the obnoxious pest better than JW. At the moment, my favorite video of his is the duet with Helen – Dil De De Dil Le Le from Jaal (1967). He pursues Helen at the beach while calling her “darling” as she rebuffs his advances while saying “na, na, na” or “nonsense!” Very funny video!


  23. Sad to say, but I’m not able to find that song anywhere on Youtube. :-(

    I remember seeing the film long back – not a very good one, as far as I can recall (the Dev Anand-Geeta Bali Jaal was certainly better), but I wish I could remember this song.


  24. Oh boy what a difficult choice Dustedoff , to list Johnny Bhais Top 10 songs, that wud be imposs for me, I wud say list top 100 .), bcos frankly I just adore all his songs.

    Its almost five decades I have been listening and collecting and viewing his whatever tracks and movies I get hold of.
    A quick grasp of the memory I can add the following-

    First A Mannada playback on Johnny was from-dil hamaara husnwaalon ka akhaada ho gaya movie is Baazi.

    o yaaron ki tamanna hai teri zulfon mein fans jaayen – by Mahendra Paajee and the movie is Kahin Din Kahin Raat.

    Pata note karo hamara by Rafi Saheb and movie is Zara Bachke

    Tirchi nazar sa yoon na dekh –Rafi Saheb from Ek Phool Char Kante

    Yahan bhi nahin wahan bhi nahin ha from Preet Na Jaane Reet, singer Rafi Saheb

    Suno suno miss chatterji- from Howrah Bridge and by Rafi Saheb yet again.

    And a couple from his Mr Qaarton MA, here he was the hero.

    Chedo dhun matwalo ki from Ghar Sansar

    Dekhta chala gaya mein zindagi ki raahon mein-from Gateway of India on Rafi Saheb

    Ek do teen chaar sung by Kishoreda from Sanjog

    Let me be biased and say all above and unlisted here were a treat to watch.


  25. Thanks, Ash! Great list – though may I make one correction? Suno suno Miss Chatterjee (which I’ve included in my list, too), is from Baharein Phir bhi Aayengi, not from Howrah Bridge. I don’t remember Johnny Walker in Howrah Bridge, actually…


  26. Yer spot on and my apologizes for this mix up, ofcors it is from Baharein Phir Bhi Aayengi, yu have it listed as yr TOP 10 .)

    Thx a lot for pointing this out, I tagged it wrongly in my collection also.

    It is another g8 performer the original Om Ji I am mixing up from Howrah Bridge, another super movie with super songs and if I recall it right Omji sang a song on a Tanga, and both tracks having Bengal/Bengali back ground. No wonder it had me a in a twist.!

    It is really nice to note that these movies and their performers are still remembered all over the world. They deserve to be remembered.

    As a btw, yu must have seen Pati Patni where yu have the 3 greats all rolled into one, Johnnybhai as Padampath , Omji as Dhanprasad and Bhai Jaan Mehmood as Pashupati Pachisiya.

    That movies with its songs by Panchamda was a blast, a entertainer and ofcors Sujit Kumar, may his soul RIP. And Mumtaz, Nanda, Sanjeevhbhai, Leela the evregreen Misra, the deadly Shashikala, Jankidas the champ…. just one word WOW !



  27. Yes, I thought you might have mixed up the Om Prakash song with this one – I remember it, it’s on a tonga/i>, and it’s about Calcutta – it includes something about the Chatterjees and Banerjees etc. :-)

    Ouch, I haven’t seen Pati Patni. But what a star cast – I’ve got to go and ferret it out asap! Thank you for that recommendation!


  28. Yu hit the jackpot again DO.. thats Dusted Off eh .)…

    when yu mentioned Chatterjee and Banerjee, it rang a bell, it was other Kolkottans .), namely Mukerjees and Banerjees ! And thx to Google Bhai here is the wonderful, wonderful Lyrics, OP at his best and Qamar Jalalabadi with his mighty pen. I have the film and the song, must dig it out and refresh good ol memories again.

    Share these Lyrics with yu all….

    eent ki dukki paan ka ikka
    eent ki dukki paan ka ikka
    kahin joker kahin satta hai
    suno ji ye kalkatta hai

    eent ki dukki paan ka ikka
    kahin joker kahin satta hai
    suno ji ye kalkatta hai

    ballygunge ki jheel pe babu
    aaye roop ke daas
    jheel kinaare badhti jaaye
    matwaalon ki pyaas

    na pocket mein maal maal hai baabu
    na pocket mein maal maal hai baabu
    na kapda hai na latta hai
    suno babu ye kalkatta hai

    eent ki dukki paan ka ikka
    kahin joker kahin satta hai
    suno ji ye kalkatta hai

    chaurangi ke chowk mein
    dekho matwaale bangali
    rasgulle ki meethi baate
    in ki shaan nirali

    kahin mukherjee kahin banarjee
    kahin mukherjee kahin banerjee
    kahin ghosh kahin dutta hai
    suno ji ye kalkatta hai
    ho hatke

    eent ki dukki paan ka ikka
    kahin joker kahin satta hai
    suno ji ye kalkatta hai

    ye basti hai aag ka dariya
    is mein howrah pul hai
    apni jaan bachha lo babu
    warna dabba gul hai

    sar par paaon rakh kar bhaago
    sar par paaon rakh kar bhaago
    katne waala patta hai
    suno ji ye kalkatta hai

    eent ki dukki paan ka ikka
    kahin joker kahin satta hai
    suno ji ye kalkatta hai

    Wah Wah mazaa aa gaya..
    kya .)


  29. Pls do and try to get Pati Patni and check these 2 tracks which I distinctively remember, the first Latadi Classic, the flow of the song is a dream.Unfort it is not played so often and second Mannada, the peppy Mannada-

    kajare badarwa re kajare badarwa marji teri hai kya -Lata Mangeshkar

    allaah jaane main hoo kaun kya hai mera naam -Manna Dey
    Lyrics Anand Bakshi Saheb.

    Wud be nice to hear yr views on this after yu have seen it.



  30. I must see Howrah Bridge again – such a lot of fun! Madhubala is of course one of my favourites (i think I’ve crowed about her often enough on this blog!) and the music is awesome. I also simply love Mera naam Chin Chin Choo and Aaiye meherbaan. O P Nayyar was at his best in this film.

    Now you’re making me want to watch Pati Patni even more. Manna Dey? Wow. I love his voice.


  31. Yeah agree with DO, the rip from Jaal simply superb and imposs to find this movie on VCD or DVD,so truly g8 effort on the part of Naidu Bhai.If I may request Naidu Bhai, how about sharing this movie rip with us on the other side pls, whenever yu have the opportunity and time.
    I am sure many like me wud appreciate that .) Thx a lot.

    and DO, hunting today for that Talat Sahebs rare un, be back as as I get it.


  32. One song where Johnny Bhai, the super skinny guy with charisma written all over him,and where he is very much part of this song, is-

    oonche sur mein gaaye jaa – by Kishoreda filmed on Dev Saheb, House No 44 from 1955.

    I find this song abso hilarious. Composition by Dada Burman and the Lyrics by Sahir Saheb. It is a class act all around.



  33. Sorry sorry again….. mix up, that is not the song where Jhonnybhai is there, its another Dev Saheb movie… give me a minute or 2, will tweak the brain and get the correct name of the movie…… short circuit here….._)


  34. It was ? -chaahe koi khush ho chaahe gaaliyaan hazaar de – same folks who did the House No 44 composition, correct me if I am mistaken pls. And this song was from TAXI DRIVER 1954 ?Thx


  35. Yes, you’re right – both House No. 44 and Taxi Driver had the Sahir Ludhianvi – S D Burman combination. Fabulous songs, in my opinion! And Chaahe koi khush ho chaahe gaaliyaan hazaar de is one of my father’s favourite songs. He loves it. I didn’t inlcude it here because, as far as I remember, it’s more a sort of ‘group song’; Johnny Walker doesn’t dominate.


  36. Right DO its a group song all right, but JohnnybHAI has his usual wonderful two and three liners all the way… phook nikal gayi etc, only he cud carry these so gracefully and become a full part of the song.

    Oh glad to hear yer dad also likes this crazy song.)

    Ta Ta


  37. Sar jo tera chakraaye? Yes, that’s one of JW’s best songs – I think one of Rafi’s best songs too, though for Rafi I think it’s very hard to make a list of best songs. There are just so many!


  38. Hi, this is the first time I am visiting your blog though I am a regular at memsaab’s. :-)
    Just want to say that it is lovely. I can see the passion seeping through, much like I can in memsaab’s blog. I need to check out more of your posts here.

    Coming to JW/Rafi saab, I am a HUGE fan of both of them. I would gladly see a movie if I know that it has JW in it.

    There are so many fantastic songs picturised on JW, it is hard to pick one favourite song. Though “sar jo tere chakraaye” would be right up there, I guess – it is just such a peppy song, with Rafi saab in his element. Always gets me to smile. :-)

    Lots of good songs have been mentioned here – am not sure “meri jaan meri jaan” from Mere Huzoor has been mentioned. Nice, teasing lyrics in this one. :-)

    I see you have posted on “Wait Until Dark” too. Going to read that one. It is one of my favourite Hollywood movies.


  39. Raja, thank you so much for dropping by, and for your kind comments! This is the sort of encouragement that keeps me going! ;-)

    Johnny Walker is so much fun, isn’t he? Easily my favourite when it comes to comic actors in Bollywood. He leaves everybody else way behind. And I’m glad film makers seem to have realised that too – the number of songs picturised on JW are probably more than those picturised on Mehmood, Rajendranath et al combined! And good songs, too. Thank you for that Meri jaan meri jaan recommendation – I’ve just been listening to it on youtube (couldn’t find a video clip from the film, unfortunately).

    Tom Daniel is doing a Johnny Walker songs DVD, and I’ve been helping translate some of the songs for that… I discovered some delightful tunes through that as well.


  40. Hello! Thank you so much for this post. I am the grandson of Johnny Walker and I am honored to see the list of songs and even the videos that you have posted of my grandfather. I am in the process of putting together a website with all the videos and such (specially with the availability of Youtube) and I hope to get your insight as well as any links or downloads of videos that you may have.


    • hii Mr. Nabil,

      As i was doing my research on Jhonny ji’s birth anniversary today, I happened to read ur blogs and tweets on him and got to knw the relation. Was wonderful knwing Jhonny ji in such a unique manner thur ur write ups.

      I host this retro show called Purani Jeans on Radio Mirchi Maharashtra. Can i pl have ur contact details or mail id? Would love to do a telephonic connect about you legendary grandpa!

      You can get in touch wid me on rjsmita@radiomirchi.com or smita.ranadive@timesgroup.com

      Warm regards,
      RJ Smita.
      Radio Mirchi,
      020 – 66250983


  41. My goodness! I am so, so honoured to have you come by and post a comment on my site. Thank you so much. Your grandfather was by far the best comedian Hindi cinema has ever had. In fact, Tom – who actually did most of the hard work on this DVD – was saying just the other day that most comedians in Hindi films fall flat for him, perhaps because he doesn’t understand Hindi. But for Johnny Walker, Tom says: “I find him hilarious in any language!”

    Do you have any behind-the-scenes or personal stories about your grandfather that you’d like to share with people who are already diehard Johnny Walker fans? Maybe as a teaser to the setting up of your website? If so, do let me know – I would love to have you do a guest post (or more) on this blog. I will try to review, over the next few months, as many films as I can in which Johnny Walker had an important role.

    Am looking forward very eagerly to your website!


  42. PS. I’m sorry, Nabil: in my excitement, I forgot to give you this link, to a post that might be of interest to you:


    Tom Daniel has collected some of your grandfather’s best songs and created a good quality DVD out of them, with subtitles included. It’s available for free download, too – just read the PDF to find out how to download it. Happy viewing!


  43. Hey there! Thank you so much for the great comments about my grandfather. He truly was the best and he was a great man at that too. There are tons of stories of him and my entire family (my uncles – his sons and my aunts – his daughters) along with all the grand children.

    Where are you located by the way? For right now, I have the Twitter page up ( http://www.twitter.com/IAmJohnnyWalker ) where for right now, I will be posting 2 times a day or so a fact here or there and even videos of songs and within the next month pictures as well that we have of him. The twitter page just went up last night so I’d be happy to see his fans become followers and so forth.

    I am going to India in a week and I hope to get an entire collection of his movies there to add to the website as well. Thank you once again so much for your comments and help!

    And I would definitely be willing to do a guest post on the blog and share some of his stories!


  44. Also, I did download the DVD and I have to say Tom has done an AMAZING job of putting together these videos specially when they are of such good video quality. My mom and I will be watching this a little later today but I saw some of it last night and it was absolutely terrific.


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it – I’ll let Tom know too, and I’m sure he’ll be very happy you appreciated it. He’s put in loads of effort on this, and to know that you liked it will be a great morale booster for him (who knows, maybe we’ll be able to persuade him to do another Johnny Walker DVD)!


  45. As you may then make the connection, Shakila is my grandmother’s sister and I don’t know if theres been a post on her or not yet but if you do have any clips or links of her, that would be great too!


    • I remembered the Shakila connection after you told me – I admit I’d forgotten. But yes, she is one of my favourite actresses, and I’ve always been rather puzzled by the fact that despite being a good actress, and so beautiful, she never quite made it to the top bracket. I wish she had, and I wish she’d worked in more films!

      But, for now: I’ve reviewed two films of Shakila’s on this blog: China Town and CID; Agra Road will be reviewed soon too, probably in the first week of October. And she’s on my list of Hindi cinema’s most beautiful women.


  46. WOW!!!!!
    The grandson of Johny Walker himself!!!
    Great to see him on your blog dustedoff. It would really be great to have him do a guest post here.
    Gosh! How lucky are we?


  47. By the way, please do tell Tom that his efforts are truly admired and I will be meeting Mr. Dilip Kumar when I visit India among other people and I think that he has a DVD for him as well so I will be mentioning that to him!


    • Certainly, I’ll let Tom know. I’m sure he’ll be very happy. However, I don’t think Tom has a DVD for Dilip Kumar – I’ve kept track of nearly all of his DVD restoration projects, and as far as I know, the only compilations so far have been Johnny Walker, Minoo Mumtaz and Bela Bose. Plus a few films – Roti, Albela and Wahan ke Log. But I’ll check with Tom in any case!


  48. Dear Ms. Dustedoff,

    I appreciated yourpost on Johny Walker songs and the comments of all.

    Would like to get in touch with you as a greatadmirerand collector of old Hindi Songs.

    Would be thankful for your email on my email…


    Muscat, Oman
    Mobile 0096899420057


  49. Hi Chellamani, thanks a lot for the appreciation. Right now, my net connectivity is a little limited because my computer’s crashed and I’m having to use a borrowd laptop when I can – but once I’m back in circulation, I’ll send you an email.


  50. Hi All. I remember a song where JW is in a bar and totally drunk, and there is this girl, but I’m not able to remember the name of the song or the movie name. He goes below the tables in the bar with the bottle in hand.

    I had thought it was from Shree420, or from Mr. & Mrs. 55, but don’t seem to find it. I have been looking for this song for quite a long time. Can someone help me out with this one. And BTW, gr8 job everyone. :)


    • Do you remember if the song is in B/W or in colour? If you thought it might be Shree 420 or Mr and Mrs 55, I’m guessing it must be in B/W, but just wanted to make sure. And do you remember who the actress was? By the way, I’m very familiar with the songs of Mr and Mrs 55, and can assure you that it’s not from that film.


  51. Nice list Madhu,Johnny Walker is my all time favorite comedian, I rank him above Mahmood, because I found him rather monotonous and stereo typed.
    Just wondering have came across a song of Johnny Walker not sung by Rafi?


  52. The last 3 I don’t thi k deserve to be on top 10 ..As they are not that famous .
    Instead these numbers must have been added.
    1.Mera yaar bana hai doolha (Chaudvi ka chaand )
    2. Ham bhi agar bacche hote (Door ki awaaz)
    3.Gareeb jaan ke ham ko na tum mita dena (Film Chhoo Mantar )


    • Possibly not in the top ten… but have you noticed? Never in my post have I said that these are the ‘top ten’ or ‘ten most famous’ songs. I have in fact titled this post ‘Ten of my favourite songs’. Note the ‘my favourite songs’. Not necessarily famous, not necessarily anyone else’s favourites. Nobody has the right to tell me that I can like only this song and not that.


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