Ty Candy: The Beauty of Tyrone Power

In the film This Above All, Joan Fontaine’s character tells Tyrone Power’s character: “Oh, you’re rather good-looking, really. Nice sort of face. Nose a little on the fine side, mouth a little too big. One of your ears sticks out a little more than the other… did you know, your face is slightly lopsided?! [giggles]… but your eyes are good, nice deep brown.”

So, in celebration of those eyes, that fine nose and that nice sort of face: a Ty candy post (as bollyviewer commented, Tyrone Power’s name can be punned endlessly!)

To begin with, a shot from one of his earliest films, Suez (1938). He looks so wistful and downright beautiful here, very different from in his later films:

Just a year later, in Jesse James, he’s looking a little more like the Tyrone Power we know:

But it’s in Blood and Sand (1941) that I think he looks his best:

The same year, he also acted in A Yank in the RAF. Otherwise a forgettable film (I don’t like Power’s character at all), but it had him looking fabulous.

…so fabulous that I have to include another screen cap from the same film.

And he looks looks pretty gorgeous in The Black Swan (1942). I’m usually not a fan of men with long moustaches, but Power manages to carry even that off. Especially with his head resting on a lacy pillowcase!

In 1942 itself, Tyrone Power also acted in Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake. Doesn’t he look wonderful here?

Though perhaps a little older in this screen cap, also from the same film.

This one has to be among my favourite shots of Power. It’s from Crash Dive (1943), where he plays an officer on a WWII submarine. I love that boyish grin!

And, finally, an older Power, from Captain from Castile (1947). Still lookin’ good.


34 thoughts on “Ty Candy: The Beauty of Tyrone Power

  1. Candy indeed! What does one say about a post like this? “Thank you” is such an understatement and “more please” sounds incredibly greedy! Oh well, I’ll plump for “more please” from the screencap gods. Candy is one thing I believe we must all pig out on, and Ty Candy is the best there is. I am so envious that you’ve seen all these films. Darn TCM for being so MGM-centric – there is so little Ty Candy for me!


  2. soul toilet: Do, do! Will come along and drool. ;-)

    bollyviewer: You’re very welcome! I had a large bunch of Ty Candy screen caps (that’s the worst thing about watching a Tyrone Power film – I get distracted and start taking screen caps at the drop of a hat). Thinned them out a bit and put in only the very best. Maybe I should do a part 2 sometime, with all the screen caps that are left over. :-)


  3. So fabulous I can hardly stand it. Thank you thank you thank you.

    There will be a push beginning later this year to get Tyrone a postage stamp for his centenary. He deserves one. Let’s keep the pressure on TCM to show more of his films!


    • Please do. I’ve been waiting for his movies on TCM for so long. He was such a good actor, that’s besides his good looks. I will never get tired of looking at him. Thank you!!!


  4. Definitely way beyond average! I can’t comment on Rupert Everett, since I don’t seem to recall what he looked like in his earlier films, but from the images floating about on the Net, maybe…


  5. He looks way beyond average!!! Came here after quite a long time. I had thought I would read all the posts that I have missed and comment on them. But I just ended up staring n drooling at every screen cap, that I spent all the time on just this post.
    All I kept saying was “wooooow!!!” at every screen cap.
    We want more of this, no matter how greedy that makes me sound :P


  6. memsaab: I am way past my teenage years, but am happy to say I have a crush on him, juvenile though it may sound! Gorgeous.

    sunheriyaadein: Join the gang! He’s just so beautiful. :-) Will take more screen caps as and when I watch more Ty Power films, and put up a fresh post sometime.


  7. This one?

    I can see Mitchum, Marilyn, Laurel and Hardy, O’Toole (in his Lawrence of Arabia outfit), possibly Marlon Brando, Fred Astaire, possibly Tony Curtis… but where’s Power?


  8. got his dvd MATINEE IDOL COLLECTION box set .some early ty power films in it from 1936 to 1951 when he was at his peak .love is news 1937 and cafe metropole 1937 are my favorites.


    • Haven’t seen Love is News (though I’ve seen its remake, also with Power, That Wonderful Urge) – I must admit I didn’t like it much. Cafe Metropole is a favourite of mine too!


  9. 4th day with fever. I shouldn’t be seeing posts like this when I’m feverish! It addles my dreams… *why* in heavens’ name haven’t I come across such droolworthiness before? My Hollywood education suddenly seems sadly lacking. :(


  10. I once learned about Tyrone Power from my godfather (who also turns out to be a fan of the classic films). He just said that a popular Filipino actor named Rogelio dela Rosa (I’m a huge fan of him, btw, hehehe) reminds him of Tyrone Power.

    I really can’t agree with him about that. I can’t recall if he’s reminded of Tyrone Powers because of Rogelio’s looks or whatsoever…

    Here goes a link to dela Rosa’s picture:

    But as I saw Tyrone Powers’ pics, I am more reminded of George Clooney. Is it me or George do hold a resemblance with Tyrone Powers? :)))


    • Thanks for that photo of dela Rosa. Hadn’t heard of him before, but I think the resemblance to Tyrone Power is probably in the eyes, a bit… but he generally looks much more boyish than Power did. More round-faced and cherubic. Power had a longer, more chiselled face.

      And yes, now that I think of it, there’s a definite resemblance between Power and George Clooney! If my eye candy list extended to more contemporary actors, Clooney would be pretty high up on it. ;-)


      • So I wasn’t only seeing things, after all. Power do have a resemblance with Clooney, right? :D

        As for dela Rosa… I don’t know if he did became popular in other Asian and some European countries as well. He had been ambassador of our country to the likes of Cambodia, Nepal, the Hague, and others, too. He shifted careers from being an actor to a politician, like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, he was the first ever actor in our country to run for public office, stuff like that.

        Oh, I became carried away again. I hope you didn’t mind my sharing about that part. You see, I’m some kind of a huge “fan-girl” of him. Hehe :)


        • Oh, I don’t mind you going fan-girly about dela Rosa – that happens to me too, about a lot of actors. ;-) That’s interesting, about him becoming a politician – seems to be quite the done thing, isn’t it? Even in India, a number of famous actors, especially people who were at the top of the heap in the 60s and 70s, have become pretty powerful politicians. I guess they bank on votes because they already know they’re so popular.


  11. I know this is an old thread, but please, we need your support for a Tyrone Power postage stamp. Please go here:


    and say that you like the site, and also, there are email addresses to encourage the senators of Ohio and mayor of Cincinnati to get their support. Or just write to the USPS Stamp Advisory Committee, address also on the page under information. Thanks.


  12. I know this is late regarding George Clooney, but Clooney told Power’s daughter Romina that he had modeled his entire career after his. He definitely feels the connection. They’re from basically the same area and both have birthdays in May, too. Frankly I’m sick of people comparing Clooney to Cary Grant. I wish Clooney would make a statement about Power and the influence he had on him. I remember a magazine article where a friend of George’s said, “He started off as….(can’t remember) and wound up as Tyrone Power.”


    • How interesting! I hadn’t known that – but yes, I agree with you completely: Clooney is Power reborn. There is a resemblance to Cary Grant as far as looks are concerned, but when it comes to the sort of films chosen, or even overall ‘feel’, Clooney is definitely far more reminiscent of Power than anyone else. (Coincidentally, only yesterday, I rewatched a Power film – Rawhide – with the intention of reviewing it sometime soon).


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