27 thoughts on “Palki (1967)

  1. Wow–when you described this one as “some very bizarre stuff,” you were not kidding! Personally, I love Waheeda and have a reasonably high nonsense tolerance, so I have added it to my list of films for which to keep an eye out.

  2. Madhuji,
    This story is causing my head to reel. I have to appreciate your patience in going through his inedible khichdi. This has some faint shades of Chaudhvin Ka Chand as far as mistaken identity is concerned. Rehman seems game for such corny stuff. I agree that Rajendra Kumar is not my idea of a star. Pretty bland and not renowned for his acting, he is one lucky guy.
    K B Patil

    • Hehehe. Your description – ‘inedible khichdi’ – made me burst out laughing! That was really funny.

      And yes, a slight resemblance to Chaudhvin ka Chaand in that sense. Rehman did act in several films with really weird plot lines. Have you seen Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya? That too had some very odd stuff, seriously regressive, in it.

      • Madhuji, It is the fate of most middle aged Indians (who are regular movie goers) to have to digest movies like this (inedible khichdi) and many more. Yes I do remember eating another leftover dish(?) , from a disgruntled cook, called “Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya? I remember not the storyline but that it is again another unbelievable tale of accident, mistaken identity etc. How can mature men dish out such unbelievable rubbish?

        • I think ‘mature men’ (and in some cases women) churning out such rubbish is partly to do with some very regressive ideas of love, devotion, family duty, and so on. Very warped ideas, which should have been thrown into the trashcan long, long before.

  3. Greetings from Bahrain!
    Trivia about Minoo Mumtaz …who passed away this October in Canada. She claimed in her last interview that 3 directors passed away during the making of the film.
    As she was already married and had almost 3 children during the long spell of making the film. She politely refused to continue as she had put on considerable weight but it was not accepted.

  4. If my head weren’t already reeling, Madhu, your synopses would have made it reel. What a convoluted plot! If I ever sit down to watch this film, I’m going to have your review open on my screen as well – just so I can make some sense of this.(I have no problem with melodrama done right – it’s as valid a form of expression, though it gets a bad rap.)

    Would I be in a minority if I say I would much prefer Rehman to RK?

    • One thing I will say for Palki, Anu: it’s not boring. It’s terrifically fast-paced, and pretty entertaining. Mad, yes, but you can’t call it sleep-inducing.

      And I am with you on much preferring Rehman to RK. Seriously, I fail to understand the fascination with RK, He’s not a great actor, and he looks very ordinary too. Nothing there, as far as I am concerned.

  5. Happy New Year! Madhuji, I did catch bits and pieces of Palki while writing song posts on ‘dilemma’ and the ‘terrace’. The mix up of names is a trope that one has learnt to accept. Rehmaan is always the unlucky fellow (also recall Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya!!). He is the kind who is all dressed up but ultimately manages to get nowhere, despite all his machinations!

  6. I recall seeing Palki… first day first show, at the tender age of 12. Even then, I thought the movie was silly! I was too young to appreciate the songs (which were good) but that Rajendrakumar didn’t act well, Rahman looked middle aged (and too self sacrificing). The only scenes I liked were those of the Great fire ( were they taken from the explosions of 1944?). But your review was a good one!

    • I did think the scenes of the fire were very authentic – you are probably right that they might have been footage from the ’44 explosions.

      Yes, a very silly film, indeed. Such a shame, given that the cast (barring Rajendra Kumar) is so good.

  7. Palki was the beginning of the end for RK. He had a series of forgettable films… Gora aur Kaala, Anjanaa, Ganwaar, AAP aaye bahar aayi, Geet and be 1971, he was done and dusted, to be replaced by another RK!

  8. A Happy and Healthy New Year!
    A perfect review, Madhuji. You have put on paper the same thoughts that I had while watching the film last year.
    Quite an unbelievable plot yet enjoyable and fast-paced with never a dull moment.
    You never know what bizarre twist the story might take.
    The music, though not in the league of 50s Naushad musical scores, is melodious, another positive feature.
    Also, it was good to see that they did not bump off Rahman, one of my favorites. Though, I wish they had given him a better hair-style and get-up.

    The mention of Rahman and his love-triangle movies – CCC and DNPYK reminded me of one of his early movies which I had liked – Pardes(1950). It had Madhubala getting married to Karan Diwan even though she and Rahman were in love.

    • Thank you, and Happy New Year to you too!

      “Also, it was good to see that they did not bump off Rahman, one of my favorites. Though, I wish they had given him a better hair-style and get-up.

      Oh, yes! Poor Rehman, I wonder why they gave him that awful wig; it made him look dreadful. Thank you for the Pardes recommendation; I haven’t seen that yet, but will add it to my list and hopefully watch it sometime. Though Karan Dewan is not a favourite of mine, I like Madhubala and Rehman a lot.

  9. Thanks for the review
    I saw the film at the age of 12. I remember a huge procession scene towards the climax. But the songs were really good. Rehman though middle aged looked dapper. Who can forget the sensuous chemistry with Meena Kumari on the bed in saheb biwi aur gulam. His perfect dialogue delivery would take an ordinary scene a few notches high. R.k. Was good in sangam looks wise as well as acting wise I think the only time.

  10. I had seen Palki on Doordarshan long back and found it not only interesting but also unpredictable. In the ending reels, Rehman asserts – Hum janaaze mein shareeq honge (I will attend the funeral). And the final twist that appeared thereafter was beyond even wildest of my imaginations. An illogical movie but capable of keeping the audience hooked, Palki was likeable and that’s why it was commercially successful. Your narration is wonderful and assessment is perfect.

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