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Sabz Burj

Sabz Burj.

Next up on my list of occasional articles on little-known tombs of Delhi. Yes, macabre as it may sound, Delhi does have a lot of medieval tombs, mainly because—like mosques or forts—tombs were among the few buildings which could endure because they were usually built of stone; ordinary buildings such as houses were often of […]

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A little-known Sufi saint, and an unidentified tomb

The Tomb of Yusuf Qattaal.

Most of the tombs I’ve listed so far in my on-and-off series on little known tombs of Delhi have been tombs I’ve been aware of for at least the past 15 years. It’s time, therefore, to move on to a tomb I got to see for the first time just about 6 years back: the […]

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Eid Mubarak!

A very happy and blessed Eid to all of you who celebrate! And, because I can’t resist the temptation to share knowledge I come across while I’m doing my research, here’s a little tidbit about Eid as it was in the time of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah ‘Zafar’. (The illustration, which dates back […]

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The Tomb of ‘Jamaali-Kamaali’

Incised plaster and tile decorate an arch inside the tomb.

I first came to know of Jamaali-Kamaali sometime in the mid-90s, when I was working for a hospitality company. The organization catered to a number of events, and one of the events for which we’d received an order was a concert being held at the Jamaali-Kamaali lawns. I was not one of the team assigned […]

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