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The Tomb of ‘Jamaali-Kamaali’

Incised plaster and tile decorate an arch inside the tomb.

I first came to know of Jamaali-Kamaali sometime in the mid-90s, when I was working for a hospitality company. The organization catered to a number of events, and one of the events for which we’d received an order was a concert being held at the Jamaali-Kamaali lawns. I was not one of the team assigned […]

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Sultangarhi: ‘The Sultan of the Pit’

Looking towards the main arched entrance to the tomb.

The locals—and the local signboards, when written in Devnagari—mostly refer to this little-known tomb as ‘Sultangarhi’ (सुल्तानगढ़ी), which sounds more like a fortress than a tomb. The actual, correct pronunciation, is सुल्तानग्हारी (or, if you can’t read Devnagari, approximately ‘Sultanghaari’,). If you understand what गाढ़ना (digging) is, or what a गड्ढा (a pit) is, the […]

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Restaurant Review: Terminus 1

Beer braised pork short ribs at Terminus 1, served with chili, potatoes with sour cream, and vegetables.

Writing about Ambience Mall the other day, I mentioned that this place—what with restaurants like Yauatcha, Indigo Deli, etc—was swiftly becoming a good place to eat out. This weekend, again in the mall to do some shopping, my husband and I realised that another restaurant had opened. Situated in the right hand corner of the […]

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Restaurant Review: Monkey Bar

The mobar bork - pork belly with black bean sauce, Asian veggies, and noodles in a black bean sauce.

MonkeyBar opened around the same time as The Hungry Monkey, and we’d had this on our list of places to eat at ever since. Then, what with the sudden flurry of other restaurants that opened, Monkey Bar got pushed to the back of our minds. This last Sunday, however, since we were in the vicinity […]

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